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Stories of
'A Girl'

A HeartMind Metaphysical Mystery Series

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Available Now!

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Coming Soon! 
February 29, 2024

Psst...hey! Over here!
All these reviews were written by
'A Girl!' 

Time to share your best kick at the can for a memorable review.
We want to hear it, LOUD and PROUD.

on Facebook or Amazon. 



gets a copy of the next book in the 'Stories of A Girl'

Metaphysical Mystery series with a special note from the author. 

Your very own personal clue.

A leap AHEAD on your own journey into deep knowing and worth. 


Are you ready?
Grab your own and go!


       A smorgasbord for the senses! A unique perspective on All That Is.

And once you hop on board for this ride along you’ll find yourself in places you never intended to go but always wanted to. What will you do when you get there? Have the time of your life!

       In the meantime, allow yourself a little jovial frivolity and hop onboard the most exciting mind surf you’ve ever been on. It’s a tantalizing, earth shaking, cosmic waking tumbler box full of delight. 

      Come together for one single secondary moment of truth and we’ll tell you how it is.  It’s worth knowing who you are at all costs. It’s all you can really purchase in this life, the truth of who you are and the clues to your resonant formation lie within your understanding of self. So begin. Begin this very day and you’ll explore the far reaches of the mind like you never could have imagined. It’s all you could hope for. All you could dream of.


A powerful punch sitting right here in your lap.

Go ahead drink it all in. 

Cosmic shock waves shook the planet today when the metaphysical mysteries of the world were revealed by one tiny young girl all alone on her Facebook page. 

What a revolting convergence of dangling participles,
run on sentences and
grammatical incongruence.

It’s an English teacher’s worst nightmare! 

10 weeks on the New York Times
best seller list and that’s just a start!
(A girl has got to have hopes and dreams, you know.)

Ballsy, brave and beautiful! 

Precisely what you were looking for for your morning cup of coffee. 

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"Cosmic shock waves shook the planet today when the metaphysical mysteries of the world were revealed by one tiny young girl all alone on her Facebook page.

A Girl, Planet Earth :)

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Book I:
All the Good I have done
in the World.


Diary of your
Hopes & Dreams

Once in a very long while you find the thing that sets your heart on fire and that is the thing that leads you to your Hopes and Dreams and that is exactly how you can live your life every day, in lively pursuit of the joy that is always sitting right there.

So, this book, my friends, is a catalogue of your high worth. Your best forays into the world of your hopes and dreams begin with a little nudge from the subconscious self, reminding you that you have had golden moments. Precious moments. Desirable moments. And a boatload of unrecognizable moments that can only be described as bright and sunny days. These are the days we like to call living the life of your hopes and dreams, with you at the threshold of your biggest and boldest life experiences yet.

And so, this little story and contemplative process will help you square up and get yourself moving forward in purpose and worth, every single day.

It can be so.
It is so.
It is done.

SOAG - FB cover-2.png

Book II:
Completing the
Cycle of Worth

Book II Cover-2.png

February 29, 2024

A Girl icon smiling and waving with a big heart.png

Diary of your
Needs & Wants

Conscious deliberate choice is the exact formula for growth and expansion.

Evolve, Allow and Be.

You are amazing. And that’s not the half of it. You’ve got to tell yourself that through all the grit and gruff, there’s got to be a guffaw from time to time. Don’t be so serious. Lighten up. Lighten up and let a sparkle into your life. Lighten up and choose the truth of who you are at all costs. And lighten up and see the very first breath you’ve ever been given is the one thing you came here to do. Breathe it all in.

Breathe it all into your bank account, your living room, your refrigerator door, your closet, your carpool, your big city lifestyle, your small-town feel. Whatever it is that strikes your fancy, strikes your fancy for a reason. And that’s what you’ve got to begin to allow. Begin to see that the cycle of worth is a rhythm of discernment you’ve never explored before, and once you do that, you’re going to start seeing yourself a whole lot differently. It’s true you know, you’re worth it all.

This is the greatest discernment you can come to know and allow into your life. You’ve got opportunity here like you’ve never come to know through any other path and that’s the victory and the challenge of living a life by conscious choice, perceived allowance or a default position. You’ve gotta know what matters most to you to get those platters sending themself forth to sit upon the table that rests before your eyes.

It’s another exploration of

the Heart and Mind and

it can’t wait to get to your door.

Things are starting to go your way like never before and that’s because you’ve begun playing the deck of cards called, 

‘I matter more than I have ever allowed in this lifetime

or any other for that matter.’

So, let’s tell the story about ‘a girl’ who walked through the landminds of faith and distortion to uncover a little riddle that has spanned the test of time.

‘Who am I?’

Now that I know who I am, ‘What am I here to do?’

Now that I know who I am and what I am here to do, 
‘How do I be?’

And finally, ‘How do I know who I am being
from time to time and from here to there?’

That’s a gooder. That’s a gooder for sure. 

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Absurd & Beautiful Reality


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'Explorations of an Absurd & Beautiful Reality' will be right up your alley. Word play, constructs, emotion, devotion and more.

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SOAG - FB cover-2.png
SOAG - FB cover-2.png
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Rev_Janice Brown.jpg

About the Author

Rev. Janice Brown, sp.M (master), CS.p

Janice is a curious assortment of complex thoughts, dreamy wistfulness and downright practicality. If you love to contemplate the potential and the infinite and journey through life with a little hope in your heart, you’re going to love her work in this series on Worth and Knowing and being Who You Are no matter what the cost.

Rev. Janice is the Dean of Academics at the Academy of Inner Wisdom, the Education Division of the SolePath Institute. She is an avid writer and explorer of life, looking for the hidden gems and bright side wherever she goes.


Janice is a SolePath Master Mentor, an ordained Metaphysical Minister and proud member of the Canadian International Metaphysical Ministry (CIMM). Her SolePath is Progression Spiritual Warrior and Joyful Intellectual Lateral Thinker, dark Intellectual Controller.


Janice has a professional focus on the health and education fields, primarily on spiritual health, including mental and emotional stability. She has a specific interest in the philosophical study of the Tao, metaphysical relationships, health and wellbeing.


Her expertise is in the field of Metaphysics, including energetic personality profiling (SolePath), a field at the cutting edge of conversation. She has extensive experience as a doctor of traditional Chinese medicine, and is currently working towards a PhD in Metaphysical Philosophy with a specialization in the field of consciousness and human potential.


Rev. Janice performs a handful of wedding and other ceremonies each year, and at times contracts her creative services out to author personalized, authentic and purposeful ceremonies.


Please connect if you would like to share her writing.

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