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Love is worth Celebrating.

Life is worth Celebrating.

You are worth Celebrating.

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Love is the master emotion and the master energy; this is the simplest and most powerful explanation of why I choose to celebrate love in all its many capacities.

Simply because, love is worth celebrating.

-Rev. Janice Brown

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Rev. Janice Brown, SCM

Janice is an avid writer and explorer of life, who teaches understandings of metaphysical concepts and mastery of Self through the Academy of Inner Wisdom where  she holds the title of Dean of Academics.

As a teacher and spiritual practitioner she is deeply vested in the understandings of self and alignment and congruence with the high nature of each individual, because of this she reaches for opportunities to accelerate learning where possible and facilitates deeper metaphysical understandings through a private facilitation session series she calls, 'Alignment is my only Goal'. Please connect if you are interested in exploring this aspect of personal evolution, she works with one person per semester, as that is how her schedule is shaped.


She is an Ordained Minister with the Canadian International Metaphysical Ministry, registered in Alberta to perform marriage ceremonies. 

Janice is a co-creator and instructor of many of the programs offered through the Academy of Inner Wisdom  including the Celebrant and Spiritual Practitioner program.

As a Spiritual Practitioner herself, she offers SolePath Mentoring, compassionate conversations around end of life, living with illness and the beauty of living a life of hope.

Janice’s SolePath is Spiritual Warrior and Intellectual Lateral Thinker. Her core values are her passion for life and her amazing problem solving gifts. 

Ceremonies by Janice

Wedding Photography

Love in Union

Your Love is your Sanctuary. 

Finding love, sharing love, expressing love...

all the ways that love 'can be' is worthy of a special Ceremony and statement of your heartfelt intention to be in loving union with another.

Happy Woman

Love of Self

Only You are distinctly You.

When you expand in the way you feel about yourself everything around you begins to change.

The way you see the people you love, the places you go, the home you live in...all reasons to celebrate.

Alignment is my only Goal.

Only one space available per term.

Connect to work 1:1 with Janice.

Metaphysical Discussions include:

  • Truth and Trust as a metaphysical responsibility

  • Ego vs. Need

  • Nature and Being

  • Purpose and Worth

  • Divine Knowing and Wisdom

  • Manifestational Theatrics and Distortion

  • Complimentary medicine, using the tools and vibrational tone for alignment

$5,885 CDN

Please connect for more information. Thank you.

Mentoring by Janice

Woman at Work

SolePath Mentoring

Understanding Your Self

You will find SolePath when you are ready for some clear and heartfelt direction in navigating the experiences of your life.

There is really only the wish to understand your actions and behaviour as you respond to life the way that you uniquely do. To understand who you are at a soul level. When you have this desire to understand who you are at a subconscious level, you will find the SolePath tools and insights to be the most profound reasoning you will encounter in terms of peeling back the layers of you.

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Sunrise on Nature

What is


Metaphysics is the study of what was and what may be. It is all a conglomerate understanding of the mechanisms of faith and trust in our life. 

Metaphysics is the gatekeeper of Truth.
~ Rev. 
Janice Brown

Metaphysics is the branch of philosophy that studies the nature of consciousness. The word metaphysics comes from two Greek words that mean “after or behind or among [the study of] the natural”. Metaphysics seeks to answer the four fundamental questions of life: 1. Who am I?  2. What am I doing here? 3. Where do I come from? 4. Where am I going? 

Metaphysics studies questions related to existence. To be interested in or drawn to the study of metaphysics, there is only one conviction needed; it is a certainty, a knowing by the individual, that ‘I am more than my physical body’. This may be defined in any personal way and based on any personal belief system. The part of you that is ‘more than your physical body’ is generally referred to as your higher self, or your soul.

As an ordained Metaphysical Minister, Rev. Janice performs religious ceremonies of a Metaphysical Nature including weddings and end of life or funeral ceremonies. Her primary focus is on metaphysical teachings.

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