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Mindfulness, Heart-Mind and everything in Between


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These are simple yet complex thoughts and insights on the understanding of Loving You. Love begins when you reach for a deeper understanding of yourself and through this understanding become the one who sees the world through loving eyes.

These blog posts are about real life, not the esoteric. Not the fluffy. Real insights about being in life day-to-day and seeking a path to live lovingly and peacefully in the moment. No reprimands, no judgements for the self or others. Just curious wonderings of the why and the how.


This is no small task; indeed, it is the journey of a lifetime to continually seek to understand the self at a deeper and richer level. All the experiences that you enjoy throughout the day are the small measures of how lovingly you are seeing and appreciating. When you feel as though these joyful experiences are not yours to hold, there is a deeper lesson in the experience for you to come to learn and understand.

There is no right way or wrong way to be in the world. There is only the choice to be You and to be the one who seeks to know yourself in the truth of who you are. The journey to the truth of who you are starts and restarts. Ebbs and flows. Opens and unfolds. It is not a straight line. It is many swirls of delight and frustration, all breadcrumbs on the way to realizing Loving You.

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On purpose & in grace.