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"I Needed the Curtains."

Updated: Apr 5

(Bracketing your Worth)

A Story.

I walked into my bedroom the other day and my spidey-senses tinged….(something’s different). What? What is? It was like a sudden sense of vulnerability in my most sacred place. It took me a minute or two to realize that my curtains were gone. What the heck!?! I chuckled inside. This could only be the work of my ever busy and completely committed to the moment youngest child…

I turned promptly on my heel, hustled down the hallway and opened her bedroom door with barely a knock. There they were, shiningy happily in her room standing sentry to her space like there was a halo around them.

All I said is…’How?’ She said, ‘It was hard mom, really hard. But me and M worked real hard and we did it.’ Pride in her voice. (Folks, remember to take careful note of the child’s name that helps dismantle your house…you might need them on moving day! Wink.)

I closed the door and went back and looked at my naked room, made a mental note and went about my day. I slept in my room that way for 3 maybe 4 days when my bestie texted and said she was changing some things in her space. Lo and behold she had a bag of drapes, we hustled them up to my room, not quite right. BUTTT hey…they were perfect in my living room! Living room drapes to bedroom and so the story goes. Things felt better but I didn’t know until I woke up the next morning, when my first thought upon waking and sitting up in bed was…’I needed the curtains.’ This was a certainty. I thought why? A thought drifted in that they were bracketing my worth.

Your home and physical structures around you are a statement of your own feelings about self. It doesn’t have to be new, to be worthy. These curtains are a structure in my life that anchor a place where I rest. They hold me when I put my guard down. I feel, oddly enough a little bit cherished because it’s something I’ve never allowed myself before. Adorning my space so I can feel like I adore myself. It’s a subtle commitment to self. Find a way you anchor to your environment and you will softly understand what you need.

You're worth it!

With love,


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