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Sharing Morning Thoughts

The writer involved at the end of this story series is, Me. 
No AI has been involved in the creation of the Template of Worth. 

Sunrise on Nature

It’s all in You.
You gotta give You a chance.

And that’s all I have to say about that!

These are flip little stories and explorations of the HeartMind as delivered by the one who loves you best, your Higher Self. And if you feel unworthy of a relationship like this with your inner self, the only thing that’s holding you back is your perception of who you are. You are a glorious being of high worth and wonder. Make it so. 


You want to connect about why I write so aimlessly, it’s because it gives my heart joy and that’s why I write with a little bit of a 'good on you perspective'. It’s worth being who you are, no matter the cost. And once you know who you are, you’ll never need to read these stories again. Your high mind has got you at every turn and twist in the road. See what I did there? I flipped a slightly different perspective on you without you knowing why. Know why? Because your High Mind is the wisdom keeper of worth and it’s going to have you looking in a new direction every single time.


That’s who I am. And that’s who you are too.

We are one in all the ways that matter, but you are uniquely you and I am uniquely me and that’s because we have a SolePath, you and me. And my SolePath is Progression Warrior, Dark Intellectual Controller, but my highest wisdom and worth comes from my Path known as Joyful Lateral Thinker. This is a Path in the Intellectual Category of SolePath, perhaps you’d like to know what your highest Path is so you can understand who you are more clearly in your highest sense of worth and wonder.


When you know who you are, there’s no looking back and that’s why I can write and explore through the mind’s eye so vividly. It’s worth it. You’re worth it. You do you, baby! And then tell me about your journey because I want to know who you are more than anything else when we sit down to have a conversation. And that’s going to be the start of some of the best conversations of your life. Why not be who you are?


I encourage you to delight in the discovery of self, no matter who you are. No matter when you get the idea to do so. These stories are just a delightful wander through a curious inner process, and I get a kick out of being who I am in such a playful way and I encourage you to embrace your natural wonder with a little gusto and a lot of verve.


It’s a joyous journey and we’ve only just begin.

Sharing Morning Thoughts

About Janice

Reverend Janice is the author of the 'Stories of Girl' HeartMind Metaphysical Mystery Series and the co-author of much of the work at The Academy of Inner Wisdom.


Light is her Joy, and she loves to share it in the most playful of ways. Got a question or two? Why not pop it in the comment box and we’ll see where we go from here. It’s only a journey not the end of the road. Once you see this you’ll start having a whole heck of a lot more fun. Until then be the most glorious version of yourself you can imagine.


With love and devotion to self and the highest mind known to man, the true being within each of us.


That’s me signing off and saying to you, 'I am here. I am here. I am Here.'  ~Janice 💛


Reverend Janice completed the Cycle of Worth some time ago and that’s left her with some very bright days playing out in the field of interest and anticipation. Why not journey with her through your own portal of high worth and discovery. You know, just walking through this field is an inner exploration of the mind’s eye and that’s the way it is meant to be - a vision of joy and not doom and gloom. Wander with love and you’ll always get where you’re going in the most delightful way, that’s truly the lesson of a spoonful of sugar.


Look for the wonder. It’s all right there. All right here.
All right now. :)


You’ve been in worth since the day you were born. The day you Complete the Cycle of Worth the is the day you decide you are worth it in the humblest and the grandest of ways. It’s not a soapbox moment, it’s a realization of self in high worth and that’s who you’ve got to be. Be you.


Being who you are is the most important thing. ✨

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Image by Ann Savchenko
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