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We Remember All

Photo by Pixabay.

For those who stand in remembrance of the ones who heard the call. For those who said, ‘I will serve.” And for those who’ll never understand the power of a friend who loved you, before you knew at all.

You are the bold ones, the brave ones…

The ones who listened, who heard the call. The ones who said, “It’s worth it all.”

The ones who rallied. The ones who stayed. The once forgotten, that now remain.

We shall always see your worth, buried deep within this earth.

You gave us, all. You gave us birth. You gave us hope. You gave us worth.

Though we can not see the light, we know it grows inside your might.

The hounds released, the time stands still, for all those buried on the hill.

You can not see where time began, but you can know it on the land.

The land it calls, its bitter sound, its heart’s been broken on the mound.

She weeps for all and what may be, she sings a chorus of We Three.

There’s me and you and all the rest, the ones who know our life’s been blessed.

We can not say without a sound, how lost I am without this crown.

This crown of leaves across my breast for all the soldiers laid to rest.

And all those who lived once in vain of those forgotten on the plain.

We call them home, the brave, the light. We hold them tender. Hold them tight.

We can not remain inside this room, the way forgotten, beside this bloom.

Once and now forever more it’s time to rise and speak no more.

No more of hate. No more of doubt. No more of reasons that come about.

Turn your head now toward the son, and look towards what’s left undone.

Fall into your steady gaze, look out beyond the glowing haze.

There is a place where all roam free, it’s neath the sacred family tree.

For all that roam and felt so lost, come home together, don’t fear the cost.

The cost is high, the way is clear we can’t remember what we fear.

We must be brave and stand once more on the edge of this certain shore.

The shore it rises ‘cross the land, so all men may, join hand in hand.

Join in hand and join in heart, where deep inside they’ll find the spark.

Find the spark where all light will, journey homeward, cross the hill.

Look down below, now look above. Now look around you, this is love.

And love unites. And love holds true. And love surrounds us, me and you.

So hold me tight and hold me near, you are my friend now, are so dear.

We are the ones, who sang our song tried to go out, and right the wrong.

We gave our hearts, we gave our souls. We gave our triumph, gave our prose.

We live within the heart, the mind, hold close each and love all kinds.

We call each man and each child too, each woman now and also you.

We ask you all to see the truth, there’s no way home without our youth.

We need our children, need our land, need your presence, need your hand.

You need to see the light that shines, deep within each heart and mind.

And once you see this, you will know, the love inside that makes you grow.

It grows for each now, and once more, it sees the vision on the shore.

The shore where all the world unites, holds our vision, holds our light.

We can see beyond the reach~ the hope, the love inside of each.

We know you can, we know you will be brave, be bold, and yet hold still.

Hold still, no shame, no swallowed pride, for deep within this love presides.

This love remains and carries forth, your strength, your wisdom; it’s your true north.

And when you know this, when you see, you will know inside of me,

Is also you, and what you mean and this wisdom, you will glean.

There’s more here for the lives of man than this silly warring plan.

We came to be, to hold the night, for each soul’s journey to the light.

And when we wake, we’ll see once more, the love we sent to distant shore.

We call them home now, one by one to lie beside the fallen sun.

And in the dusk, a new thought blooms saves the weary, and parts the gloom.

It says there is a better way, I’m going to stand here, going to stay.

Stand beside this friend of mine, until we stop the sands of time.

And then we will, we’ll set things right fear no more now, we will delight.

And all men may and all men might lay ‘cross their breast this shield of light.

And the light will shine the way, find the ones who’re lost, who stayed.

Bring them home now, bring them near. It’s time for peace now, don’t you hear?

This way, it can’t be won by fist, It must be sacred, must be kissed.

Like the child holds mother’s hand, this is the way to right the land.

And all that went that way before, will stop and turn now to the shore.

They’ll wave and say, we tried our best But now you know, it’s time for rest.

And so we will, and so we shall. Look t’wards the next one, as our pal.

And that’s when the world began to see the wonder, see a plan.

And the plan was this, we all unite to hold a vision of the light

Eleven eleven and time stood still and all stood quiet and said, ‘We will.’

We will remember, we will remain to stop this nonsense, stop this pain.

Do this for me, be love, be blessed And lay this wreath at my bequest.

Call it hope and call it love, call it faith from up above.

And this final thought remains We are the ones upon the plains.

We’ve made our journey, we’re finally home we’re here together, where all can roam.

And so we will, and so we shall peace is near now.

Peace is now.

~ Poem by Janice (November 11, 2023)


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