• Dr Janice Brown

Want & Desire (part 2)

What you desire is to feel and live each moment. Moment by moment.

The call of the future is a powerful thing, irresistible really; it’s why so many are stuck. The future is alluring, promising, delightful or sometimes oppressive, horrid, and deceiving. Both are deceiving really, they are the lies we tell ourselves that become the most hurtful thing. Not everything comes up roses and not everything is so doom-filled. There’s a place between these two views where the real future can lie for you IF only you will heed the here and now.

This place of desire that burns your creative fires can keep you warm through the ages if you will learn to tend it properly, not letting the fire burn out or burn so hot you hurt yourself. For a flame to continue burning it must have the right material to keep it alive, it should warm the body and fuel the soul. Bring light in the darkness and never grow cold. Within you are the resources to keep such a flame fueled and alive, available for your every need, want and desire. When you can align your flame to these requirements you have congruency and that is a step away from duality and towards your highest goals, dreams and purpose.

So how do you do this? Align with your goals, dreams and purpose?

You follow the feeling. The feeling will always tell you the truth of what your heart desires. This feeling cannot tell a lie. It is your compass, your measure, your true north of the soul.

First you have to observe and watch out for the tricksters; for there is also a voice within you that tends to the call of fear and you have to be able to identify it.

The voice of fear comes as doubt, second-guessing, overthinking, the drumbeat in your head that won’t quiet. These are tricks of the Mind and the Mind likes to believe it is in control. It will explain to you how in control of everything it is. It’s very gabby. That’s fine, just observe what it is saying and let it go.

You don’t have to buy into the conversation it’s not the truth of who you are. It’s a presentation of things meant to intimidate, protect or control you when you start heading into new territory that the mind wants to navigate for you. The thing is the mind is a tool, it has a function and a purpose but a tool doesn’t run the show. You don’t let Siri drive the car, you listen and discern if the information is appropriate to find your way around. As good as technology is, there are times Siri is just noise and will keep nagging you “make a u-turn and return to route,” “make a u-turn and return to route,”. Being the driver of the car there are times when you know that there’s another way. Or you start down the path and recognize something in the area and know the path to follow and you turn Siri right off because the tool isn’t bringing any value to your journey it is only making noise.

It’s like this with doubt, second-guessing and overthinking, just turn down the volume and make your own decision based on the feeling that cannot tell a lie. This is the tool to navigate your life. Siri can have you driving in circles, but even while Siri is telling you what to do the compass is still taking a read of true north so that you understand which direction you are heading.

You can read the compass and make your own decision on which way to go instead of following direction. It’s a simple but slight distinction that can powerfully impact what your experience is. You can even drive without constant direction on every turn and just look for the signposts that take you along your journey. When you travel this way, your path lights up. Your path keeps lighting up just-in-time for you to have the necessary information to keep deciding which way to go.

What if you miss a sign?

You’ll know by the feeling and then you can make a choice to u-turn and return to the route, all you’ve lost is a moment and you’ve gained the experience of a different path that may help you in the future.

Know your tools. Take care of your tools. Use your tools.

What’s in your tool kit?

Thinking. Feeling. Knowing. Discernment. Choice. Decision. Action. Love.

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