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Want & Desire (part 1)

This is the place to start, with the words that fill your heart. There is no other way to begin anything then with your heart centered desire.

Desire is the birthing ground of creation, the point of forward momentum, the beginning of all things. It starts with the heart.

The Heart is the Kingdom of Love

The Kingdom of Love is the palace of your Being. Your Being is the most important thing. Being yourself is the reason you are born, the reason you are alive and the reason you choose, yes choose to live. Living is a choice you make each and every day. It is a way of being in the world with wholehearted commitment to live and breathe, dance and sing, whatever it is that needs to be done is your choice. You choose light, life, joy and contentment. You get the opposite because you put the emotion of fear into your desire and bring about that which you do not want. You are always going to be navigating this world through emotions; it’s time you understood their power.

Emotion is the womb of creation, what emotion are you nourishing your choices with? If you don’t know, look around yourself and you will soon understand. You can always see the dominant emotion in a person’s life by what they choose to bring about. If most of your thoughts are words of love than your dominant emotion is love. If most of your thoughts are worries or fears than your dominant emotion is fear. It is that simple. People over complicate this, it’s time to get down to the bare bones so that you can build up from there.

People believe that if they can just control their emotion they will solve all their problems. This is only partially true. The truth is if they can only offer love as their primary emotion many of their problems will cease to exist. You can’t solve a problem by focusing on the problem, you can only solve a problem by focusing on the solutions.

Open your Heart to me

This is the message for everyone. Open your heart. We live in a world of closed hearts all yearning for a fresh chance. Closed hearts keep your emotion locked down in a fear mode. If you want to bring the emotion of love into your creations you must open your heart. You can only open your heart if you trust that you are safe in your environment. You are safe. Most things we fear are only false worries, no truth to them at all if you examine them closely. You will see the duality of this issue. To open to love, you have to see beyond fear. It takes a brave soul to open a heart because there will always be fear on the circumference to navigate through. But it’s only on the edges all you need to do is break through and you will see that it is so. Like an egg shell, thin and fragile.

You can’t judge fear in others for you don’t know what they see. You can only navigate your own. Clarity of mind comes when you can see through the ledge of fear, it feels like an edge but there is sure footing underneath it. Enough of a purchase that you can keep going in circles around anything if you want to feel the fear of it. However, if you can see past and move beyond the ledge of fear you will find yourself safely embraced by the cocoon of love on the other side. It’s easy to write it not so simple in its execution.

Want and Desire

You may be struggling with a disconnect between want and desire. Want and desire are different. Want is a surface expression, desire is the emotion beneath that really gets things moving. When you have a disconnect between want and desire you are incongruent with the emotion and the surface expression of your want. It may not be a real want. Perhaps, it’s the thing you think you should want, or what someone else wants for you.

It is not however, your true desire. True desires are lit up like a flaming torch, there’s no question when you are aligned with your heart’s desire, your true desire, because you are a smoldering, burning, passionate being. Sometimes false wants smother desire. “I want a safe and secure life’” smothers the burning desire of “adventure and new experience”.

Desire is like sexual tension; palpable, urgent, demanding. Want is like eating shreddies for breakfast trying to satisfy the hunger of a long fast. Functional, appropriate, bland. If you start lifting up the rocks of desire to see what’s underneath them, chances are good that something is going to crawl out and lick your fingers in the process. It’s that shocking that you’ll drop your rock and think twice about picking it up and looking again.

Want will string you along and have you believing you are doing what you really ‘want’ but it’s like a shirt with no body inside it to give it shape. Limp, it just lies there waiting for someone else to step inside and then it becomes a shape shifter.

Like buying clothes and expecting them to look different on you when you haven’t changed the body underneath. If you want your clothes to look great, you need to do the work on the foundation underneath. You ask yourself what you want and it’s always vanilla, but what you desire is chocolate dipped cookie dough with a dollop of whip cream. This is the path of settling and we haven’t even broached the subject of need. Need is different, its fundamental to your survival. Want is the middle road while desire is the magnet that brings your creativity alive.

Stop asking yourself what you want and start feeling what you desire.

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