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The Trouble with Struggle

Updated: Jul 24, 2020

Struggle jettisons hope, abandoning the magical twist of faith that manifests miracles.

There is a preset determination in the feeling of hope that aligns to the manifestation of your goals and dreams. When you are a person who has a mindset of hope you are a person who has a mindset of possibility and potential. When you are a person who is struggling you are a person who is shutting the door to the potential and possibility of what may be.

The very essence of being a person of hope, is a string of faith that holds you tight to the vision of the very best outcome. And this vision and faith are what are needed for the very thing you wish for to come to be.

When you imagine the thing you are hoping for, you are imagining the thing that you are creating the potential of.

The potential of anything IS the potential of creative wonder, this is the true meaning of hope to have the vision and allowance for creative wonder.

The beauty and the magic of hope is twofold: first, there is the innate creative potential and second, there is the resonance of the field of creative power.

Like a seed warming under the heat of the sun, something stirs that begins to unleash the manifestation of new growth, initially subtle and unseen yet there, until one day there is the beauty of a fully blossomed flower boldly reaching for the sun. A goal fulfilled but still harnessing the potential of what may be.

Another seed, another flower. Another hope, another wonder.

There is the potential to build a garden or a forest, an entire landscape of dreams and goals all because there IS the potential of hope.

The trouble with struggle is that it is the very essence of “the most unwanted thing” being brought to the forefront of your creative process. When you are sitting in the resonance of struggle, you are aligned to the thing that is creating the problem and struggle for you. When you are aligned to the problem, the solution is not the dominant potential.

It is idea that when you are going to hit the pothole in the road, you assure it by looking at it. If you want to go around it, you must look at the path around it.

Struggle seeps into your heart and is the stickiness that keeps you rooted when you want to soar. You can’t quite reach to the feeling or the potential of hope because you have this struggle keeping you firmly rooted in the difficulty of the life experience. The best way to move forward when you are in this position is to reach for the highest vibration you can imagine and imagine it.

Create a ladder of hope, up out of the quagmire of struggle. Reaching for the stars, eventually breaks you free of the gravitational pull.

  • Hope is a high vibration that jump starts the inevitable manifestation of miracles in your daily life.

  • Hope is the catalyst of the creative power.

  • Hope is the vision of potential.

  • Hope is the alignment of the unmade made manifest.

  • Hope is the best thing you can bring to any situation of heaviness or desperation.

  • Hope is the keyhole, and wonder is the key, the key to keeping your heart aligned to the potential of all that may be.

The manifestation of miracles begins with hope in mind AND hope in heart. The old adage, “hope for the best” is an instruction or a directive not simply a saying or an expression of wistfulness. It is a clear path to seeing the wonder of all that may be when you only align to the highest hope. It is an expression of faith that no matter the current experience you know there is a door to the potential of all you may wonder about.

Wonder is a magnet that pulls the resources needed to you, lifts you out of the stickiness of your experience and moves you towards your high hope. These are elements of creative potential and when you harness them in the power of your heart and mind you may create anything that you may imagine to be. These are necessary steps in-form-ation. These are Heart Spark elements. These are necessary elements of creation. These are necessary elements of creative manifestation and by hoping, you are laying the groundwork of creation.


There is another element and that is the element of wonder. Wonder is the catalyst for the seed to grow.

Wonder in the context of awe and amazement not simply the context of inquisitiveness or curiosity. Wonder is the heart of the creative potential.

Wonder is the vibration of trust and faith coupled.

It is the knowing, the surety of the potential outcome no matter the current experience.

Wonder is the next best thing to the very thing itself. It is the very hallmark of creativity in process when the feeling of wonder is added to the mix. When you believe with all your heart that you will see that which you wish to see you are aligning the aspects of the universe to begin the formation of the thing which you are seeking to attain.

The seeker and the seek-ee become aligned. The seeker and the seek-ee are the two halves of a whole waiting to unite. When you are actively aligned to the resonance of the seek-ee, the seeker draws the thing they are seeking to themselves. There is a magnetic pull that can’t be misaligned once the truth of the manifestation is begun.


I am resolved. I am certain. I know that the outcome I desire is assured. I open my heart and mind to the potential of all possibilities rallying together in the formation of my hopes and dreams. I am blessed in my faith of the creative power of hope and wonder.

If you are wondering how you can see the value of hope in your daily life, these are simple steps to take to begin moving in the right direction.

  1. First it is always an excellent idea to have a vision or a goal. There needs to be a directive to focus upon.

  2. Second when you have the goal in mind, surrender the stepping stone process and open up to the goal being achieved in ways you can’t imagine.

  3. Third, work through your life as though you are already in a position of authority on the matter you are asking to experience in your life. Confidence and bold surety reconciles the heart and mind.

Rehydration of the Soul

When you are the one who is in choice, you are the one who will continue to be the loveliest of persons always reaching for the new potential, reaching for the goal post as it were. This occurs in such a way that there can be no question in which the mind enables doubt. You will wonder what this means; there is, in essence, a rehydration of the soul that occurs when you are on track on task and aligned to the high wisdom of your beingness.

This always occurs as a result of the person’s potential to consider the likely outcome of any given circumstance and see it as the potential for beauty and growth instead of the potential for the thing that is unraveling your world.

When you see through the eyes of spirit or the higher self you are at once the person who is in control of your external experience and the one who may decide what is to occur next in such a miraculous way that you are up-levelled to the next opportunity to cherish, the next opportunity to be in choice and to determine that you are the one who is the most wonderful extraordinary being.

The most practical and brilliant way to do this is to find your center of beingness.

To find your centre of beingness is the way you can always swiftly and easily align to your soul’s purpose and primary directive.

The soul’s primary directive is to be the-one-who-experiences-growth-through-the-living-of-you. When you decide that you are in this life to be the one who is having an experience of growth and opportunity instead of the one who is being derailed, run over, or forgotten you suddenly become free.

Free to see, free to choose and free to remain in choice instead of being the one who is having life happen AT you. The struggle diminishes, for there is always the experience of the least consideration that can give you the greatest resolve and reward in the end.

The chance to see yourself pull through, rise above, come out on the other side.

These are the ways you paint your vision of hope. The way you plant your garden of seeds.

With the thoughts and affirmations of a person who is seeing through the eyes of great potential even in the very most unlikely of circumstances. The possibility of discovering a new you. A brighter you. A shinier version of the very essence of yourself. Your true self

  • When you are in hope, all things are possible.

  • When you are in hope, anything can happen.

  • When you are in hope, the world bends itself towards you.

  • When you are in hope you will see the very unusual occurrences begin to happen in such astounding frequency that you know without question that the only way that the outcome resolved, the goal was reached and that you rose at all was because a miracle occurred.

A miracle did occur. The miracle is you. Make no doubt about it, the miracles that occur in your life are always…you.

Exercise to find your center of Beingness

Sit comfortably or stand in front of a mirror. Take a deep breath. Let’s align your mind body and soul to your high wisdom.


  • I am tall. I am centered. I am in control.

  • Breath deep, slowly, slowly exhale. Again.

  • I am tall. Inhale. Reach up through your body, lengthen your spine.

  • I am centered. That’s a position of calmness. Breathe out.

  • I am in control. Breath deep, exhale. Keep exhaling keep exhaling and realize you are in control of the breathe. Let it all out.

  • One more deep breath in.

  • I am tall. I am centered. I am in control. Breath in and breath out.

Sahdguru explains, “The breath is the ribbon that ties the spirit to the body’.

Let’s break this down:

  • I am tall: (means I am in my body and I own it, my physicality is present and I am reaching upwards.)

  • I am centered: (means I am at my peaceful self-resonance, my mind and spirit are aligned in my heart-mind center)

  • I am in control: means I choose. I choose. I choose. My emotions are mine to recognize and choose towards or away from, I am not at the mercy of the circumstances around me. They are weather, and I am constant.

You are in control of all aspects of your being. The good, the bad, the beautiful, the ugly. There is no sense pondering the dark things you would occasionally experience as thought or behavior at a deep level; it is the pondering of it that keeps it present.

Keep yourself in the brighter aspects of your being or distract yourself from the-thing-that-is-underserving-of-your-undivided-attention.

This is the way to living a life you have always dreamed of. That is the most important thing you will hear from anyone, anywhere.

So, if ever you recognize you are adopting the resonance of struggle in your life, take a moment and do this exercise. It is a reminder to align to the frequency of the high self, the true self your natural wonder and broadcast. This is the resonance of your potential. This feeling is the frequency that you align to when you bring hope to the field of your creation.

Stop aligning to the things that you “think” are. Your thoughts are fabricating you.

Remember, if you keep looking to the things of the past; the things from the past will keep looking at you. When you keep worrying about what happened yesterday, you can’t have a new today or a new tomorrow. You keep bringing it forward from one moment into the next. Worry is the invitation to have the same thing repeat, repeatedly.

Release the struggle, don’t battle it, just let it dissolve.

Open your mind to hope and wonder and the potential of what may be, will be realized for you.

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