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The Heart is not a Fluffy Place

The heart is not a fluffy place; it’s a place of sometimes brutal awareness and bittersweet apprehension and joyous wonder and revitalizing good will. It is a chamber of secrets known only to the beholden one and it is the most powerful and disruptive aspect of your daily life.

The Heart is the keeper of your goals and dreams, the long nights of desire, the short days of terrible importance, the waiting, the wanting and the ever-present willful wishing of the soul’s task and design.

The Heart is the residence of your love and emotion; the good and the bad, as you would think.

The Heart has to be able to adapt to the many insights of the mind and the constant ever present worry of the world around it.

The Heart has to keep on shining its love and goals through the mire and the muck of the things you don’t wish to see and the things that you long for.

The Heart is the most powerful and expansive aspect of your being when it is encased so brilliantly in your light. It is always shining even when you are in your dark or collapsed energy and it will find its way to the surface of all that you do, all that you encounter and all that you feel.

The Heart is the magnificent ship you have set sail upon. The sailing ship is always tracking the night stars that will lead it to the destination of your soul’s evolution. The soul’s evolution is the point of being on the sailing ship. The ship is your vessel, your journey and your life all rolled into one breathtaking experience.

You are on this ship of life so that you may see the signs of the future looking out at you upon the waters and the signs of the most delightful things to come. The ship will withstand storms and troubled seas and keep moving all of your life forward with ease. The ship is the metaphor of the things you wish to understand about yourself and don’t realize that there is more to it than the simple thing you think about. The ship is the heart of the matter. It is the work and the wind, the sail and the mast.

The point being that without your ship; without your Heart, there is no journey. You can have a beating heart, a broken heart, a crying heart, a joyous heart any capacity you can consider, your heart may be. It is with you no matter what, so when I say, 'the Heart isn’t a fluffy thing', it means the Heart isn’t the lofty goal of only bubbly, joyous experience.

Living Life by Heart

When I speak of living life by Heart and having heartfelt experiences not all is the light and tender, sometimes it’s the deep and gutting, it can be the difficult and the wondrous. Don’t take away the experience of your journey and sideline it because it isn’t a fluffy thing.

It is an important thing and all excursions on the ship are vital. All excursions on the ship bring you further in your journey. The journey is every day. The journey is now. The journey is the simple act of tying your shoes, it is speaking your voice, it is making a choice.

You are your Heart expressed in all the ways that you share your experiences with the world. You are the most valuable and most divine aspect of the being known as You. You are the broken-down jalopy and the stallion on the rise. You can make any choice you wish to make and that is the way you will continue to like expressing yourself. Through your choices.

This is the way you have come to see a representation of yourself through the choices you make and the ones you no longer do. You can keep the weight of the world off your shoulders by aligning to your heart’s desire.

Just remember, you are still traveling by Heart even when the sails are down. Even when the water is still, even when the seas are rough.

You are still in the Ship of your Heart.

With love and light,

~ Janice

Expansion and collapse is the avenue with which we express our Light and our Beingness. These understandings of the HeartMind walk you through the metaphysical underpinnings of emotion, feeling and the context of life experience as you are on the journey of the evolution of your soul. Janice is a SolePath Master Mentor and facilitator of learning through the translation of metaphysical concepts. She speaks about the mechanisms of action that relate to the understandings of mind, body and spirit through the wisdom of feeling. She is the Dean at the Academy of Inner Wisdom.

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