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The Canary in the ‘Mind’

Updated: May 14

Driving over the Sidewalk of Your Hopes and Dreams with a Steamroller.

What you don’t want to do is ‘Project’

When you embellish you are confirming an experience as important. Say perhaps, you fell down and broke an arm. How do you share that experience without projecting a more explicit, powerful tale? Simple.

“I fell down. I was injured. When I landed my arm was in front of me.”

That’s it. Stop placating the resonance by being in service to an old experience. Simplify. Stall. And, move on. When you know your truth, you must be clear and controlled. And you must never worry the mind of the sacred heart with an experience of certain detail.

Simply let it slide by and decide for yourself that this is all that is necessary. Stop being the one in approval of a certain set of outcomes.

Come with me to the water’s edge and enjoy the view is enough to share any experience. You don’t need to be the one that is in explanation of an old rhythm. If you must speak of an event that had a complicating outcome, simply say, “I was present for an experience.”

And that is all that is required. Not the highlighting. Not the experience play by play. And for damn sure, don’t add in all the little accoutrements that get served up in those old wartime stories between buddies on the dance floor of I’ll-do-you-one-better.

Call your shot and project where you want it to land is a terrible game to play with the mind’s eye.

Just let it be what it was and play with it no more. Calling it back to the forefront with vivid detail is an experience in self harm and subjugation of will to a poor outcome.

It won’t be easy to explore this without worry, but that’s all you can do. Decide there’s a better story to share. I’m feeling better and better every day, is a lot better than microblading the truth into a shape that doesn’t want to leave.

What are you talking about?!

It can only be understood through context, so let’s break it down in a different way. If I walk out this door to go to the grocery store and I get there and all they have is old shoes, I’ll know I walked in the wrong door. But if I walk out this door and I get there and there is a delicious assortments of food in all colours and all flavours, I’ll have a good idea that I landed in the vicinity of what I was looking for. I didn’t need to walk the entire way there describing what it was I had for dinner yesterday to know I could experience a new meal that I hadn’t tried.

Stop waylaying the course of your path by driving over the sidewalk of your hopes and dreams with a steamroller.

Get back in your lane and be on the lookout for hopeful signs. 

That’s all you need to be doing from here on in. Just be watchful for the hopeful light in the field.

And come what may, when you tell your story, be on the lookout for the ‘glory and the glitter’ of a negative past experience that is trying to beckon itself forward through the floorboards of your mind. Just let it lie in rest and watch how much easier it is to transform the shortage of your life.

Watch the world grow around you as it’s given new permission to not flatten itself forward in the direction of an old upheaval. It will want to desperately try. It will fight you like a caged animal from time to time.

But you tell that baby who’s boss… you are.

You are.

And you are like a fine crafted wine, distinct, crisp, flavourful and delightful. Don’t settle for a life of flat, old musty pop from the side show. Get going in your expression of robust fullness and engagement to the joy of living a life on purpose. A life of fearless discovery and watch how quickly the wind catches your sails in the direction you want to go.

Go along then. Hop to.

Go get your money’s worth of living and quit prancing about like an old lady on the door stoop. She’s got something better be doing with her time too.

You are all the canary in the ‘mind’; pay attention to what’s going on with the canary and you’ll know what’s going on with the mind.

And don’t forget to tell them… I told you so.

For all to flare. For all to care. For all to share.


Janice is an educator and specialist in the Tao. Training opportunities exist in this field and Janice is a forerunner of thought and purpose as it relates to the human body, mind and experience.

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