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Tethers & Perceptions of Wrong

Updated: Oct 4

Understanding Insecurity

You can always trust that your higher self knows your plan and is working on the evolution of you through the experiences you are having.

And when you have experiences that you don’t like or feel like you can’t abide, they are there for you to understand an aspect of yourself that is hidden from your worldly view. An aspect of yourself that is in need of attention and resolve. The aspects that make you cringe are the very thing that makes you blossom, and so the need to get it over with is not quite the right approach.

You need to embrace the difficult aspect of being a human and unwind the coiled thing that keeps you wound tight. “The thing” may be many things it is different for all in its specificity, but a general aspect of worthiness and unity is the underlying foundation of the thing that makes you cringe. You are always at war with this thing and this thing wins when you give it your undivided attention. It becomes a bigger thing and you are forced to deal with it and contend with it on a regular basis.

The thing you need to remember is that the thing is only an aspect of your being that is looking to be engulfed in your loving ways. It is the love that is within you that keeps it holding tight for these things you know, they always seek the light. The light of love is quite irresistible to all things that are within the universal structure of the world and you are quite a bright light so the aspect of you that is attracted to light for the betterment of all things brings with it the things that need to be cleared from the psyche and the present moment awareness.

There is something that needs to be addressed; the present moment awareness of the-thing-that-is-not-wanted is truly a focal point that is enticing. It is the thing that wants the most attention, but the attention you show is not the attention it needs. It is the attention of love that is required.

How do you love the-thing-that-is-not-wanted?

The-thing-that-is-not-wanted is simply an aspect of yourself that is not fulfilled in its desire to be understood. The understanding is the thing that shines the light on the thing that feels heavy and dark and the understanding is the thing that you are seeking to know.

You can always ask the thing what it wants or needs. You can always ask your higher self what it wants or needs and you can always know that you are not alone with the thing that you fear or desire to know in a different way. You can always ask the thing to make itself known to you in a way so you can process the heaviness without becoming encapsulated in it.

Things are Sticky

Things are sticky like phlegm. Things are sticky like honey. Things are the sticky that you can’t stop touching even when you pull away from it because it is on you. This is the difficult part of working with the-thing-you-don’t-want-to-look-at too closely. There is no harm in looking closely indeed, it is the easiest thing to do to resolve the situation. But there is an aversion to this activity that is felt within.

The don’t-tempt-the-thing-you-don’t-want distancing that is part of human nature. In fact, the thing you don’t want is to have the feeling of aversion and discontent. It is not that you have this thing, it is that you don’t want this thing vehemently. The don’t wanting is acute and intense and it becomes a thought at the forefront and this is not the place for such a thing.

The peaceful dismantling of the thing that you are don’t wanting is the thing you must peacefully and easily embrace in the bosom of your heart. Your heart can dismantle any negative or fearful emotion given the opportunity, it is your aversion of the don’t wanting that keeps it out of reach but engaged.

This is a tethering of sorts that becomes the thing that keeps you stuck. Stuck in the moment. Stuck in the past. Stuck in an emotion. The tethering is the thing that needs to be unraveled, unwound. And when this occurs there is a feeling of expansive relief. The tethered object is no longer a threat it is the simple act of loving the thing that you are don’t wanting that will bring you the most relief and allow you to move forward.

The process for this is simple. Talk to it. Listen to it. Understand it.

This is the excavating of self and the excavating of self is a deep and powerful journey within.

The excavating of self is the journey of a lifetime and there will be many tethers, but you will come to recognize them and pay them no heed as you move into simply loving the aspect of yourself that feels the need to put these things out into your field.

The field of your personal awareness is full of delights and apprehensions.

Remember, you are the one who seeks the delights and buries the apprehensions. Buried anything still exists in the same form. It is necessary to transform these buried things into simple loving bits of light. Bits of light can be broadcast and they are the thing that will light your path as you wander your course to the enrichment and enlightenment of your being. The bits of light are your new breadcrumbs to fulfillment and you are hungry for fulfillment so seek the bits of light.

So, what is the piece of  ‘don’t wanting’ that resonates with the feeling of insecurity and has an undercurrent of fear? What is it that turns good action into a thing of misplaced apprehension?

This happens often because you are a new learner of the things that you do, you are not fully seasoned in life, you are not one who has had every ‘actual’ thing come your way. You are filled with theories that have been placed there by others and you understand that the others have not only expressed a fear, they have put a spin on it. These ‘spins’ are what you are feeling in uncertainty. This is the duality of either/or.

Either | Or

Either/or is not a peaceful place to rest and you can find that it has a gripping hold on the piece of you that feels drawn to the high outcome. The ‘or’ undermines because it is the thing you are don’t wanting that is reminding you that it is a possibility.

Often your understanding is simply too black and white. There are shades of grey in everything and you can’t categorize things into their absolutes and consider that they are dealt with. You are dealing with a middle road aspect and you can understand that when the pendulum swings too far it must come back swiftly and harshly to over-correct. You are spending time in your thoughts that allows the ‘absolute’ a place of residence and this is not the case in the work you are doing. You are working in state of transition and transformation there is not an absolute that exists in any way.

There is always an element of the other that keeps thing balanced and when you move into the thinking of the absolute worst outcome there becomes a place of residence for the fear to rest and this fear takes hold. You are circumnavigating the fear instead of breaking through to the other side where there is the certainty that you are well intended and working for the common good.

Perhaps, you have had an experience where you have seen the dark side of the light path; the light continued to shine even though there was only the dark to be seen. You have had this experience for your understanding and your knowing that there is always light no matter what the dark may seem like. This is a seeming. It is not a reality. It is a projection. It is not the fact. This is an obscured view that can’t perceive the light, though the light is still there. The light is always there and no matter what you experience you are always the one who calls the light back into the experience. To call the light back is to perceive the situation as it is, instead of as it is being presented.

The present moment awareness needs to allow for the aspect of self that chooses to make a wise choice and see the undercurrent that is causing the ripple and distortion on the surface. The undercurrent will play out its role and it will passively enact a response because of the surface that is unsettled. The surface is unsettled because of what is stirring underneath. When you wish to see a clear and perfect reflection, then you need to take away the undercurrent that is causing the distortion. The distortion is a result of the undercurrent. The undercurrent is the force of the negative that is trying to manipulate the hold on the situation. The situation is the negative that is trying to place a hold on you.

You are the one who chooses whether to allow ‘the hold’ to stick or to release and fade away.

You are the one who recognizes that the ripple is an aspect of you that needs to be seen for what it is, unsettled because of an underlying stimulus. The underlying stimulus can only be known because of the ripple. If not for the ripple you would not know it is there. This is the positive aspect of an unsettled feeling.

It is the ripple that lets you know there is something there that needs to be worked with. The ripple is innocent. The underlying element is innocent it is just doing what it does. The way to be at ease with the ripple is to not judge the ripple as the truth. The truth is, that the ripple is just an effect of the underlying condition. When the condition is addressed the ripple will no longer serve as a stimulus to the self. The ripple is not the problem. It is a result only. Don’t address the ripple. Look to the underlying condition and you will see a path to the light.

It is not what you need to know, it is a feeling that you need to understand, it is residual turmoil that needs to dissipate.

The perception that you were wrong is what needs to be released you have carried this filter for such a long time it is a burden to you. You have no need to carry it any longer. You are the one who can put it down and love the little child who put it there. You are the one who can love the being that is always present within your heart. You are the one who can always reconsider what it is you are experiencing and know that it is not a true perception. If you are feeling unsettled by an undercurrent you are the one who knows. You are the one who feels. You are the one who can change this before another thought comes to you by simply acknowledging that you are the one who misunderstood the messaging to begin with and that you choose to no longer see through the eyes of the-one-who-did-something-wrong.

You are not wrong, you are having a filtering-process-misunderstanding. You are not the-one who-is-wrong. You are the one who is innocent in understanding a miscommunication from many years gone by.

  • You no longer need to see through the filter of the-one-who-was-wrong.

  • You no longer need to see through the filter of the-one-who-misunderstood.

  • You no longer need to fear your own actions.

  • You no longer need to see through the filter.

  • You no longer need to feel the insecurity.

  • You no longer need to feel the pain.

  • You no longer need to feel the fear.

  • You no longer need to work to understand what a powerful misdirection can do to impact a whole life.

  • You no longer need to wonder what it is you are feeling; you are feeling the full gravity of your misunderstanding and know that you are not the one who put it there.

It was a misunderstanding, that is all. It became the thing which you don’t wanting and now it is the thing that is moving through your system and you can release it. You. You can release it. You can release it. You can release it.

Affirm I am not wrong. I have released this undercurrent and the warmth and certainty within my being are at peace. I am not pretending. I am comfortable in my being and my expression of who I am in this world. In this life. In this moment. I am just fine. I am not wrong. I am strong. I am certain. I am confident, and I am trustworthy.

Keep shining the love on the innocence of your heart and actions. The perceptions you have held will begin to fall away. You are not anchoring them to you any longer. You have unwound the tether of imperfection.

Unwinding the tether of imperfection is important, it is a dark hold for most people.

Imperfection is a dark hold for most people there is an unspeakable something that you can’t quite put their finger on and IT IS THIS; the need ‘to not be wrong’, more than the need ‘to be right’.

The need TO NOT BE WRONG vs. the need TO BE RIGHT

They are different things and the exploration of this is quite an extensive undertaking when you begin to drill down deep.

You begin to understand that it is not so much a drive for perfection that keeps you tethered as it is the fear of being wrong. You will find you are don’t wanting to be wrong. This is a powerful thing to understand and move forward with in your expression as yourself in this life. You will find relief in areas you didn’t understand you were held.

This is likely not the first time you have explored this, but this may be the first time it has resonated so powerfully with you. You will continue to unfold in your exploration of self. It is a long journey and you are well on your way. You are on the path as it lights up before you.

There is a responsibility to the self that needs to be addressed and you will come to understand about the responsibility to self and the need for self-love first and foremost in this world.

You will learn as you go. You will love as you go. You will light as you go.

That is the lesson. Learn. Love. Light.

With love and light,

~ Janice

Expansion and collapse is the avenue with which we express our light and our beingness. These understandings of the Heart Mind walk you through the metaphysical underpinnings of emotion, feeling and the context of life experience as you are on the journey of the evolution of your soul. Janice is a SolePath Master Mentor and facilitator of learning through the translation of metaphysical concepts. She speaks about the mechanisms of action that relate to the understandings of mind, body and spirit through the wisdom of feeling. She is the Dean of Academics at the Academy of Inner Wisdom.


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