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Secondary Emotions

Updated: May 14

Those Windmills of the Mind have been dragging you around by your Nose Hairs your Whole Life.

Navigating the Pitfalls of Despair and Reason

You will be susceptible to secondary emotions as an outcome of living an experience or a life in collapse. As you are most powerfully vulnerable and aligned to certain specific emotions, it is helpful to know the emotion zone tool because it helps you navigate the pitfalls of despair and reason.

As you come into your fullness you will see these emotions as sign points of understanding your behavioural patterning and this is a good thing in most cases.

It is dreadful awareness that sets you up for further collapse. So, as you start navigating emotions at a high level, there is the opportunity to see negative emotions as a failing of the self. This is never the case. It is an opportunity to see how verbiage and patterning exist so deeply in the subconscious mind that they can’t be explored without a certain level of opportunity and reason.

And this is the reason my friends, why we can go from a bad day to a shitshow in no manner of time. It only takes a split second to apply a reason of amplification and you are well on your way to a realization of a perfectly foul mood. And once the amplification of reason is aligned to your DarkPath, all bets are off.

You can have a visualization of a perfectly normal outcome but there is perhaps a reason that a DarkPath would choose to view the experience in another way. And this is none other than the very best opportunity to know who you are and decide in a split second's flash of insight that it can be another way and it will be today; even if it’s only for a microsecond.

Having a good time for no good reason at all.

Can you imagine what would happen if the whole world lined up in a good mood for just one moment in time? It would be catastrophically appealing, and people would begin to discern that there are more opportunities for good than bad and then without reason, people would be popping off and having a good time for no very good reason at all. The world order would diminish itself into a wave of certain gratitude and misunderstandings would cease to exist.

All the world would indeed look like your oyster and then what are you doing? Sitting around having fun and enjoying yourself? What a wreckage of time! Can’t you see it now, no world news of any certain expression beyond peace, love and joy…?

The Need to Understand ‘Who You Are’.

It’s coming my friends, and when it does it’s going to paint the skies of your life with a certain level of approval you just haven’t seen before and once you start feeling good, you’re going to start feeling really good.

And as this happens certain ways of being and levels of disorder are just going to start falling away into oblivion. And once that starts happening, there is going to be a very deep need and understanding of who you are because once you know what you have done to yourself in misalignment, there is going to be an opportunity to get some pretty hurtful feelings about where you are and who you have been.

It’s not always going to be a joyful time. And this is what you need to know about that. Collapse brings a certain level of unbespoken clarity that can’t be perceived without a certain knowing and understanding of who you are.

And once you know, you will see it as the only pathway, the only door through for you. And once you know where your doorway is, it’s going to get a whole lot easier to find time after time.

And so, this is the lesson of the day; speak not a harsh word to the inner self, for the inner self has no problem with misperceiving. It is an expression of the limitation of the mind that puts you back in the doldrums every single time. So, stop what you are doing and really become aware of the misperception you are experiencing as ongoing because you are going to be dealing with that rascal for a while.

And once it’s known and clearly understood that this is a patterning of the mind and not a moment of truth, you are going to start experiencing big giant gobs of relief.

And this is going to be relief in a staple format. A relief that you can pivot to and turn to each and every time there is a mishap of understanding or a misperception of influence, you will begin to drill it down without a moment’s notice of hesitation, there will be a way through.

Your LightPath

And this way through is known as your LightPath and your LightPath reveals everything there is to know about your needs in certainty and in purpose and in truth.

And so, for now, for the time being, simply ease yourself along the ledge and look over the lip from time to time. You’re going to be shocked when you realize that this ledge of doom is actually only a little speed bump in the road. And that is going to matter a great deal to the one that is on the receiving end of your blast of emotional disharmony.

Emotional discharge is the most harmful weapon of choice on the planet today. It is responsible for all hurt and harm that exists in the field today and it is what makes navigating a life a landmine in disrepair or a certain loveliness of frolicking through the field.

You need to know that you planted all those emotional time bombs.

It’s about time you start cleaning them up and that’s what we are doing when we go about our own understanding of who we are and where we want to be at this same time next year.

You know, there never really is a next year. This is just a misperception of the conscious mind. If you could only see your way through the trapdoor in time more often, you start to see how those windmills of the mind have been dragging you around by your nose hairs your whole life.

Try This.

Why not let it sit itself down for just a little while and say,

“Here. Here is an opportunity for peace that I have never given myself permission to explore before. I will think of a new way of being in this opportunity I have been given, and it’s not going to be so hard after all. All I need to do is think of a better potential outcome. An opportunity for grace instead of reason; joy instead of amplification and I’m already halfway there. I get the rest of the way there by giving myself an opportunity to think something that I’ve never thought before in this moment of time. It’s going to be ok. It’s going to be fine. It’s going to be the best day of my life.”

And here’s a reason why I know about that.

I’ve had them before without even thinking, so it stands to reason that I can do it again, if I simply put my mind to it. Simply decide that there can be no other misunderstanding like this again because I’ve seen it all before and that’s what makes it so darn convincing.

B u t … if I’ve seen it all before, you can probably bet your boots that I’m seeing it all again because I haven’t given my mind an opportunity to see it another way.

And that’s all I really have to say about that.

That’s all, folks. That’s all.

For all to flare. For all to care. For all to share.


Janice is an educator and specialist in the Tao. Training opportunities exist in this field and Janice is a forerunner of thought and purpose as it relates to the human body, mind and experience.

SolePath answers the question, “Who am I?”

Your SolePath is the reason you behave the way you do. It is your subconscious self. To have your SolePath measured you can go to All SolePath measurements are completed by donation.

Your SolePath is a braid of two LightPaths and one DarkPath.

Your LightPaths are often something that you have to reach a little harder for, something that might take you out of our comfort zone, and is ultimately so joyful, fulfilling, and exciting. Your DarkPath is a mastered skill, something you are very familiar with that has a ‘been there done that’ energy about it, and often feels unfulfilling and frustrating.

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