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Playing the Field

Updated: May 14

Making the Choice to Be in the Moment.

Get in the Playing Field of your Life

You need to come to the table in your brightest capacity. And that ain’t the half of it, you need to shine so others can see that what you’re doing makes a difference. Makes a difference here and now. Makes a difference every day.

And when you start seeing things my way, I’m going to start moving your way. Not because it’s the only way to move, but because it’s the only way I can move. When we team up, we move in unison.

And this is the bright shiny spot in your day; when we run and play in the field it’s like someone stopped the hands of time from moving forward, we just stop and play and rest with ease.

There’s nothing more powerful than making the choice to be in the moment, just like all the gurus are saying. But the one thing they may not have told you is that while you’re doing that, I’m here on bended knee saying,

‘Get going, jump through that portal in time into the very next best moment of your life.’

You’ve got to keep playing the field you know. You can’t idly grow, nothing happens in a void of time and space that can’t be mastered with a little grace. So get your big boy pants on or your big girl boots and let’s go slip around in some mud for a bit and meet back here to wash it off. Wash it off and let it fall away just like it’s the order of the day.

Get in the playing field of life and you’ll find all your cares and worries fall peacefully to the wayside of your journey.

Get going now. Get on out there.

It’s time to make this life yours and mine.

For all to flare. For all to care. For all to share.


Janice is an educator and specialist in the Tao. Training opportunities exist in this field and Janice is a forerunner of thought and purpose as it relates to the human body, mind and experience.

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