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Opening to Wonder & Enchantment through the HeartMind

There comes a time in your life when the certainty that you have is shaken, and that is the moment that you are open to wonder and enchantment.


This is the wonder of the universe, the enchantment of the soul and the divine right of passage of each person who is on this journey of the soul to enlightenment.

The soul’s journey is unknowable through the foresight of viewing; only the yearning of the Heart can take you there.

The very essence of who you are is the very essence of the universe as you wish to know it. The timing of the journey is not set in stone; it is a labyrinth of successive moments that you acquire over a lifetime of pondering and wondering and enchanting yourself with the assortment of proclivities that you would call your very own desires and musings.

The best way to embrace the journey of your soul is with a certain level of detachment to the outcome for there is no knowing in which you find certainty in regard to the outcome. Only the journey and your eventual destination of right action for your very own being.

You are at once the navigator and the captain of your ship, and you set sail upon the ocean blue to a destination unknowable to you through the foresight of your viewing. Only the yearning of the Heart can take you there and in this there is a surety that the journey you are taking is the one that is meant for you. You are the captain of your journey and the destination will become apparent as you keep moving forward. To keep moving is the only requirement of the journey.

When you are stationary too long there is time for indifference and other qualities that don’t align with a journey that begin to seep in through the hull and the ship becomes disabled by the inertia, it is stuck within.

When you keep moving forward, even the slightest momentum rights the ship again and the indifference drains off like morning dew burns off with the brightening of the day. When you can see the shoreline ahead you can adjust your sails to land where it is you most wish to be, but to keep sailing in the meantime is the most worthwhile effort of the day.

When you are at an impasse it is easiest just to take a rest and not to burden yourself with worries about the impasse. It will yield to the desire and yearning of the heart for that is the true north of the soul and when the compass aligns it will not give way to the subtle and bold happenings along the way.

The journey always continues no matter the course. You are certain to find the compass settings if you are the one who is doing the wondering and you are certain to find the bearings that you need when you listen to the callings of your soul.

The soul speaks in whispered dreams, in fluid tones and in the blood surging passions that are within. The soul speaks, and you must only learn to listen to the rumblings of a quiet night and learn to trust that which is within you seeking to find its way out.

These are the tunings that must be done, and these are the tunings that are certain to find you awake in the night wondering, who you are and what you are doing?

For this is the path of enlightenment, and the enlightening is to come most recognizably when you see the light in the dark. The light in day is not bold and can sometimes be missed but the contrast of the light within your heart shining through in the dark will always light your way back home to the place where you were meant to be; at once all that you are and the very essence of your soul.

The calling of you into your resonance, your beauty, your truth.

These are the ways of the Mind and the Heart in times of the most uncertain feelings; the safety of leading your way back into your Heart will always keep you on course and keep your Heart at the helm. You are the best and the brightest that will ever shine. You are following your HeartMind.

The HeartMind

What is the HeartMind, this tool that you wish to learn more about? I'll try to explain this in the simplest of ways.

The HeartMind is the first knowing, the first insight, the first a-ha you will remember. The HeartMind is the alignment of the truth of who you are with the person you are becoming. The person you are becoming is the best and brightest version of yourself. The HeartMind is the alignment of the truth of who you are with the divinity of your soul, and this is always the burning desire you have within to move in a certain direction that you are unable to give voice to with the words of reason or logic.

This is the burning desire of the HeartMind and it is the urge you feel to do the unthinkable, to know the unknowable and to dream the undreamable. It is the urge to move in a direction in which you are only compelled and can give no other insight into the matter other than you have to. It must be done.

These are the knowings of the HeartMind, and you will find that when you are aligned to the HeartMind you are a force of graceful knowing and the most deliberate and well-intended plans may be set aside to follow the call of the HeartMind instead of the best laid plans that were laid by men. The only way to get them back again is to follow the best laid plans of the HeartMind and see where they intersect for there will be a crossover in the plans of man and mind with the soul’s desire and the call of the HeartMind.

There is the lighting of the candle that lets you see your way through the dark and you will find that the last burning ember will ignite the next flame that is needed to keep the journey alive.

Trust your feelings and the desires that call you forward.

With love and light,

~ Janice

Expansion and collapse is the avenue with which we express our light and our Beingness. These understandings of the HeartMind walk you through the metaphysical underpinnings of emotion, feeling and the context of life experience as you are on the journey of the evolution of your soul. Janice is a SolePath Master Mentor and facilitator of learning through the translation of metaphysical concepts.

She speaks about the mechanisms of action that relate to the understandings of mind, body and spirit through the wisdom of feeling. She is the Dean at the Academy of Inner Wisdom.

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