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Keep Your Ship Headed Forward

SoleNumbers is an aspect of your being that will become vitally important as you come into resonance with your Being. SoleNumbers is not only who you are in the moment, it is what you are here to do, so understand this distinction and it will never fail you. You are here for a very specific resonance behaviour. There is something that you are meant to do that no one else can do and so each time you come into an awareness of the SoleNumbers influence, understand that it is moving you in a new direction.

There is a part you are to play that no one else can play; a life you are to live that no one else can live. ~Dr. Debra Ford

Not only is it meant to be, there as a tool to extrapolate your knowing and understanding into the field, it is meant to keep you in place at times to come to a new sense of knowing and understanding of your own resonant formation.

So what do we do with this Number?

We allow it to grow and foster its resonant potential and as we come into congruence we are going to find that the SoleNumbers properties have powerful influence over the way you behave and this we would determine in a slightly different context… What am I doing now that I could be doing differently?

Each time we become aware of the new and powerful formation of our Being we are going to come into a new alignment and understanding of this powerful resonant formation. So as you begin to explore your life through your SolePath, watch for opportunities to understand the resonance formation that surrounds you.

You could see this as an alterior motive to fear and understand that when you know who you are, you know what you do. And what you do, you do so powerfully that all the world will sit up and pay attention as you begin to move forward purposefully in this life.

And so, what we are saying is not only do you understand who you are, you understand what you are meant to do. Now, these are preliminary understandings of this information so take it to heart but don’t bear down on your life like you have never done before.

Watch for those moments when this number energy becomes predominant in your life and then choose your Next Best Step because that is how you move forward in purpose.

And so, as you begin to weave and fold these understandings into your experience you will begin to see new ways and understandings for yourself to come into allowance of. And so, what is most important at this juncture of your understanding is to know who you are being in the moment.

If you are being in alignment with your SolePath then that is wonderful news. If you are being in alignment with your Governing Number, that is also good news. If you are being in resonance with neither of these aspects of self, then 'Who do you THINK you are?'

Tool of Deployment and Development

This is a powerful tool of deployment and development. When you understand who you are and what you do than anything else that is being in purposeful response to your life is there for some other reason that you have put in your path to explore and that’s when it is helpful to have your SoleNumbers report to look at.

So let’s look at the SoleNumbers report with an abundance of curiosity and think, 'What am I meant to be doing in this situation?' As you start to explore each and every facet of your life, you will begin to know that there are opportunities you have never explored in their fullness and that is the beginning of a very dynamic life of purpose. And purpose we would say is the cherry on top of all cakes for all beings, and all beings wish to know what it is they are here to do.

And that is the gift we give you with each and every exploration of your life. The opportunity to know yourself in such dynamic congruence that you could never see your way forward with out thinking, “This is exactly what I am meant to do.“

And so, each and every time you have a new opportunity to understand the self, you unwind a little more of your braid into your resonant potential. And that is where all bets are off. Each and every experience is a new knowing and each new knowing comes with an assortment of party hats… Should I try this one or this? That one or that one?

When you know who you are you will know what you do in purpose each time you step forward and take the reigns of life you will be watching yourself do it through your SoleNumbers eyes. And that is a gift beyond reason. It is a dynamic exploration of the self at the highest level of knowing and that is what we call purpose in this work. The ability to know the self in resonance and tone and formation.

So simply understand that you are far more than you appear to be. Far more. And that is a triumph worth knowing. It will always hold you in resonance in your formation as an energetic being of high worth and knowing. And that it is truly a malformation of thought when you think the only reason you are here is to know what you were meant to know.

It is true that this is an experience, but it is most true, highly true that you are in conviction of a certain SolePurpose and those moments come flying at you as you begin to transform your life in understandings of the SolePath body of work.

And so, each and every time you explore your nature, know that your Governing Number has a stronger influence on your exploration of the Dynamic of Knowing than your Dynamic of Being. And so, this is a tool most powerfully explored in your knowingness as opposed to your Beingness.

And that will be enough to keep your ship headed forward every time you take it out for a sail through the dynamic of living your life. 

With love and light,

~ Janice


***This understanding of SoleNumbers is shared by Janice in the Postscript~Purpose & SoleNumbers in the book by Dr. Debra Ford Msc.D, SoleNumbers Book of Wisdom, Energetic Guide to Purpose, Book III.

Expansion and collapse is the avenue with which we express our Light and our Beingness. These understandings of the HeartMind walk you through the metaphysical underpinnings of emotion, feeling and the context of life experience as you are on the journey of the evolution of your soul. Janice is a SolePath Master Mentor and facilitator of learning through the translation of metaphysical concepts. She speaks about the mechanisms of action that relate to the understandings of mind, body and

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