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It's Worth It! Get Moving!

Updated: May 14

If you want to catch the essence of your life, you have got to be moving.  

You have got to see that no matter where you are, you are frozen for a split second in time and were you to reach forward, you would find yourself there over and over again. Now the one saving grace about all of this is that we have the option to make split-second decisions and the more you do, the swifter you do, the easier it is for you to tell where you are. 

Are you going to be the one who goes out for dinner every night and eats the same old thing? Or, are you going to be the one who has an amazing recollection of the delicious menu of a new experience? All you need to do is decide. And decide you must for if you want to be in the here and now there’s no going back to tomorrow.

You Must Move

Time after time. Over and over again you will say this.

You will say… 'You must move'.

You must move forward in your life no matter what it is.

You must move forward in your life no matter what the experience may be.

It May Be because You Are.

You are the one who is governing the ship, captaining your life. You are the one who once and easily said, 'I will do that because it is what I want to do'. And then once again you said and saw that there was no way to be in front of it so you said, 'Next time I’ll do this. And then I’ll do that'. And every time you rearranged the furniture you made a new life. You made a new house. You made a new world.

You must understand that your desire to move forward with change has always been the thing that kept you going. Kept you alive. And when you finally did stop and look around you saw the world for what it was. A roller coaster of the very best ride.

Here and there you have capitulated but do you not see that for every stride you have gained you have moved forward at least 5,657 times. It matters not the number, only the realization that each and every time you did something different, made a new choice, folded the laundry this way instead of that, you created a new world with patience and the new world experience is what keeps the mind guessing.

The brain is dying for a rhythm and the body is needing a reason. And the mind is going, 'Oh hey… what’s happening next?'

The brain must move.

The body must move.

The mind must move.

And for all those occasions when you stop and look at what you did yesterday, what really did you do that made a difference? What really did you do or see or say that made the world a better place?

Come on you have to realize that the same old story is a a dull as Aunt Betty’s stew. You’ve gotta be willing to put yourself out there and once you do nothing will ever be the same again because it can’t. The same old dull boy look just got washed off your face because you just saw a new expression of the world which you have never seen before.

It’s Time. It’s Worth it. Get Moving.

Get out that door and find something to explore. Anything. Anywhere. With anyone. Just do it in the name of All That May Be in fulfillment. Fulfillment reaches forward in time and drags your sorry ass over to the new sorting station. And once this has been done it will create more and more opportunities for it to be so.

So do it. Do it. Do it.

Make you life a bold new manifestation of desire and don’t you dare forget to throw in a tickle fight or two. Because that my friend is a breath of fresh air. It is newness and frivolity and joy and it’s wrapped up in buttercup pastry just like a delightful dessert from days gone by only its newest freshest best thing you’ve seen in a wonderment of years.

Disorder shaves itself off the old rhythm cycle the second it finds its pitch and recycles yesterday’s shoes into a brand new pair of Birkenstock’s for you to begin wandering around the country in. Go find some new shoes. Go find some new playmates. And for God's sake get that dull old boring expression off your face. Your face hasn’t gone out and winked for a while. It hasn’t gone out and smiled until it hurt. It hasn’t left the cloak room of your boring old study for so long you forget what daylight looks like.

Go peer up at the sun and close your eyes in amazement at the pure joy you feel pouring on your face. Go do this twenty times a day and by the time you get around to it tomorrow it will have been 'the name that latest craze' because that’s all it takes to find a new rhythm.

One 24-hour day filled with fresh new choices. So go. Go get it. Just don’t forget to come back and tell us all about it. We want to hear about your discoveries. Your newness. Your realization.

And while you’re at it go help some little old lady across the road today and tell her, 'That her hair looks beautiful. That she did a wonderful job of raising her family. That she knows how to pick out a great pair of shoes.' Go out and tell the world how wonderful they are and before you know it you’re going to have so much time on your hands that just feels right for playing.

You’ll wonder where in earth did it come from? It came from you. It’s always been yours you just forgot that you left it behind you the last time you looked around to do the same old boring thing. This is your shake up plan. So go. Shake it. Shake it good. 

And come back someday and tell us how you’ve been doing. Because we really want to know. We want to see the NEW written all over your face. 

Trust me. This is the most helpful thing you will ever read.

So find a friend and share it along. Find a friend and make a new date. Find a friend and go out and see something. Find a friend and go out and do something. But no matter what it is you think you are doing, always remember that it’s ok to be who you are.  And once your done doing that, you’ll never look back on your life and say, 'I should have done it differently'. 

For all to flare. For all to care. For all to share.


Janice is an educator and specialist in the Tao. Training opportunities exist in this field and Janice is a forerunner of thought and purpose as it relates to the human body, mind and experience.

*Dr Janice is the writer and author of the SoleHealing protocols. Don’t you think it’s about time you just went and explored what it is you are here for. We all have our purpose. We all have our reason. And this show boat is a glorious stage so light it up with some flare. Just get going. Get out there. 

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