• Dr Janice Brown

It's like this with Thoughts

Letting the mind decide what to think about is like worrying or picking at a small bump on your skin.

Is it a pimple? Touch it. Feel it. Pick it. Soon what was almost imperceptible is at the forefront. It entices you to pick it, squeeze it look at it more. It becomes inflamed, swollen, red, obvious and remains that way until you stop abiding it. Leave it alone and it won’t evolve.

It’s like this with thoughts, each competing for the attention, the daylight, the showcase of their importance. Some are beautiful, lovely to behold, others fester. You need to get the festering thought out so it stops inflaming everything around it. Once the festering thing is gone, everything around it settles and calms.

Thoughts are like this, all vying for individual attention.

Attention is what brings a thought to life, if you don’t pick it up it won’t get far; but fondle it for hours and it won’t leave you alone. I hesitate on the word fondle because I have a personal judgement around it. But that is my thought not the lesson but it is a worthy example of how the mind will make a judgement and alter the thought to try and make it more agreeable.

The intention and perception is changed by the interference of another thought. Purity of thought is the most difficult thing to maintain. Thoughts are important, they are creative, they help manifest your life and world. People become unaware of what they are creating because they allow judgment to interfere in the pure positive energy of a powerful thought. The clutter of everything else going on becomes attached to pure inspiration and contaminates and slows down the intended momentum.

Everything you have ever thought, read, heard, intended, discussed is in your mind. Not all of it is apparent or obvious to you but it molds the new thoughts and inspirations that come through. You’re never on your own with thoughts and inspiration. Some come with caretakers but they all come through the filter of a person. Some will seize it. Others will run from it. Filters don’t have to be negative.

Either way, you choose the thought.

Choose wisely.

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