• Dr Janice Brown

It's a Giving and Receiving world

A Heart Spark Moment Exchange is a tool for honouring the dignity and worth of another; it is simply a recognition of another's inherent personal value.

We all have moments where things aren’t going as planned. It seems there are times we need to surrender to the inevitable; still, we should always be able to stand strong in our presence. I made an observation that really rang true for me while I was going through a challenging experience in my life.

The cost of free

It’s this, free is lovely but it can come at a cost. Sometimes, the price is perceived as shame and low self-worth. At times, there is an unspoken perception that “maybe now I owe you one.” Internally, a person may avoid something that is beneficial to them in a moment of need that is “free” because of an internal discomfort with this. What if I can’t repay my debt? What if they discover how difficult things are? Maybe someone needs it more than me? It’s an internal battle.

Self-worth and dignity is the inherent right of every human being. I like the idea of “loving” gifting and having active participation from the Giver and the Receiver. Most of us need to learn how to receive. It’s not easy, and it’s not always easy to do with grace.

In our hearts, we all want to give; sometimes, our gift is in enthusiastically, passionately and gracefully receiving what is offered.

Interestingly, it is even harder to receive when you are in need. We are confronted with the hand up; not hand-out predicament. We have a basic human need and desire to contribute. During times when our circumstances are having a negative impact on our daily experience, this is difficult to do. In our society, we are preconditioned in some way to believe that there is a direct correlation between our personal value and worth and what we can exchange.

Too often, this comes down to dollars; at times, one party doesn’t have that to exchange. This is the beauty of a Heart Spark Moment Exchange; both parties contribute their personal human value. Once each person determines what is being exchanged, the exchange incorporates the following: connecting and giving and receiving with gratitude.

– Both Eyes – Both Hands – Both Hearts – Thanks and Gratitude

It’s a trade of Love by Intention. There may be some “thing” that is included in that exchange that would be of benefit to another in a material way, which is wonderful. (Yay) but nobody walks away feeling indebted to the other, or diminished in any capacity. It is a true exchange when both parties experience vibrant, loving emotion.

It’s a win-win-win!

The invisible bonus is that every time someone feels empowered, loved and inspired, the world around them gets dusted off a little bit and shines brighter as well.

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