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Indifference, Worth & Gratitude

You are hiding your Worthiness in a contraption called Indifference.

It has a stranglehold in your life when you allow it to rule the roost. The roost is essentially your place of being, your place of intention and your place of desire.


What then of all the worthy acts and kindnesses you offer even in your place of contrived and indifferent love?


It becomes the thing you think love is. Love is anything but indifferent. Love is a genuine and fundamental recourse of being alive.

All people are in-Love.

  • To be in-Love means to be incapsulated by a life.

  • To be in-Love means to be in choice.

  • To be in-Love means to be in desire.


Move the world to address your wants. Move the world to address your needs. Change the world to address your Heart and Mind. When you put your Heart and Mind together in unison, they create a world of bountiful beauty.


You can not do anything but be amazed at the Joy, the wellspring within you when you move through your life in intention and purpose. You are purposefully aligned in your life when your desires fall in your lap. When the world bends to your call and when you seek to share the highest wisdom, you know with another at any level. You are in rejoice of a life of fervent meaning.


Meaning is the thing we all reach for. I don’t just want a life of salami sandwiches. I want salami sandwiches with a friend. I want a realization that brings me to my knees. I want the life before me to be fraught with meaning and dripping with love and delirious with insight. And when I have these things; what shall I do? Wake up the next day and eat another salami sandwich.


It is all the same of our crafting and choosing to be in receipt of the joy that is around us and within us. It’s all salami sandwiches for everyone. It’s just that some people see that they are dining with the Queen. Or following their dreams. Or wandering in circles. Perception is of your choosing. What will you see today?



Gratitude winds its way into your Heart when you consider that your salami sandwich comes every time you need it. Every time you want it. And there is enough for everyone. This is gratitude, seeing that there is a place for all things you want and need, that desires may be fulfilled. That worries pass you by and that what you have asked for has come scurrying to your call.


What would you call it when the one thing you have always wanted more than life itself arrives? Luck? Fate? Fortuitous gain? It’s an intrinsic and compunctual disdain that keeps people to the side of their feeling of gratitude.


An inability to express Gratitude is an isolation of self-worth.

Looking to see what can go wrong, wastefully energizing negative outcomes is the pity-party of the realized mind in distrust and in fear. The place this changes is when gratitude can wind its way into your daily living. Gratitude is not simply an expression of thanks; it is a deep and resonant feeling and as you allow yourself to feel in your Worth, you will open the floodwaters of gratitude.


When gratitude flows through your life like a river, all worries will cease to be.

So, start with something little, start with something small. What is that we’re talking about? It’s only love after all.

Love is constant. Love is pure. Love is grateful We’re all here. When you seek to right the wrong, Be grateful that your Heart is strong. When you see another fall, Lift your heart and catch them all.


There isn’t anything you can’t do when all you see is really you.

With love and light,

~ Janice


Expansion and collapse is the avenue with which we express our Light and our Beingness. These understandings of the HeartMind walk you through the metaphysical underpinnings of emotion, feeling and the context of life experience as you are on the journey of the evolution of your soul. Janice is a SolePath Master Mentor and facilitator of learning through the translation of metaphysical concepts.

She speaks about the mechanisms of action that relate to the understandings of mind, body and spirit through the wisdom of feeling. She is the Dean at the Academy of Inner Wisdom.


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