• Dr Janice Brown


Let’s talk about holding. There is a natural order to release. Often people hold on too tightly. You can’t hold onto anything forever; why hold on to it at all? It’s not the way of flow.

Hold breath, hold bowel, hold bladder… hold these things and the body knows but won’t allow beyond a certain point. The release must happen.

Hold thoughts, hold emotion, hold fear and the mind knows. These things you can hold much longer. A lifetime if you choose—if you choose. That is the point. Holding seems like a response but it is a choice, make this awareness and flow will return to many areas of your life quickly.

Some things should be held away: judgment, self-criticism, hatred towards self or others. Holding onto these things could hurt others and will eventually hurt you. Better to replace the negative with a neutral or a positive thought and hold that—at least there is no harm.

So many times, it seems that we protect ourselves by holding tight, this is sometimes meant for a moment. Hold your tongue if you’re lashing out, but don’t hold the emotion, find a way to express the concern that doesn’t harm. Sometimes there is hurt in our honest answer, but it can be expressed in love instead.

You may afraid you’ve turned away something beautiful by holding back or away from a full interaction with self. You can never be apart from yourself. You can hold apart.

Hold all the bricks in the wall with part of your body. When you trust, you’ll see that the bricks hold because the foundation is strong. That a wall doesn’t need to be a defense, it can help shape a home, be functional, have utility, hold beauty. You can decorate it, showcase it, paint it love it. It’s just a structure.

A wall alone helps hold something up not just keep something out. You have a showcase wall that helps you find your way, not a barrier that needs to be enforced. Walls hold doorways, and this is what you want a beautiful door you can open and close at will. The door that you have the key to.

Holding has the energy of effort attached to it. Flow is the goal. Gentle, easy movement.

Holding back, holding still is the hard-unnecessary work keeping you from a life of ease.

Ease and grace are effortless.

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