• Dr Janice Brown

Feel the Feeling of Love

These are my early expressions of Heart Spark Moment.

Welcome to my special vision.

A Heart Spark Moment is a Force of Grace. An idea. A concept. A Movement. There is no cost, no infrastructure, and no limit on your approach to sharing. There is only one guiding principle; Feel the Feeling of Love.

This short movie is designed to help people get an inkling of what is meant when we say “Feel the Feeling” of a Heart Spark Moment. It is meant to help you feel the Spark of Joy, Love and Possibility.


There are three main elements to a Heart Spark Moment:

  1. One HEART. The Feeling. We’ve all had a time in our lives where we felt our heart was truly activated; chest expansive, feeling outside of ourselves, overwhelmed by beauty, touched by a selfless act. An expansive loving feeling.

  2. One SPARK. The Intention. A flash of insight, a moment of inspiration, an idea, an intention that compels you to do something simple or profound in the moment out of love, compassion, kindness or goodness of your heart.

  3. One MOMENT. The Knowing. This is so important, it does several things: first it anchors you in the “now”, second it brings you a moment of “knowing”. Even though we may only experience something briefly, the significance of any experience no matter how quick opens the doors to an understanding or the knowing of possibility and potential. You can’t un-know the experience. There is power in that.

These three elements when combined together can touch any aspect of our lives. When we consciously recognize them and choose to share them in love…THAT is a Heart Spark Moment.

It is in the instant when you are compelled by every fiber in your Being to speak your truth about a moment of Grace, a blessing from another, a flash of insight… whatever it is that resonates within you. In that instant when you carry your heart-felt intention and share it in return, THAT moment of Love-In-Action is a Heart Spark Moment.

Your story, like mine is meant to touch the heart of the world as well. Together we can change the world; using Heart Spark Moments to touch the heart and soul of of each person you encounter.

That is the mission of a Heart Spark Moment; for the spark of divinity, dignity and worth of every being to become known to themselves even if for just a moment.

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