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Dear Me,

How it feels to be in my worth...

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Entry date: Today

When I woke up today, it looked a lot like yesterday, but things had changed. It began with a slow unfurl instead of the pull of a ripcord and that’s when I knew I had landed on my feet and landed softly in the loving arms of my very own heart.

That’s how days begin now that I know who I am and how to thrive in my deepest yearnings. It’s not that things don’t go to shit from time to time. It’s that I don’t live in that fear anymore. I simply move on with my day and the day brightens into a new and everlasting type of fullness and vibrancy.

I don’t need the kick in the pants that I used to. I don’t need constant reassurance. I don’t need anyone to say such and such a thing needs to be moved in this direction. If I see it does, I do it and it’s done.

My days now mostly feel like playing around instead of getting down to business and I walk with a lighter touch in my step. The world is lighter now, isn't as heavy. Not as concerning. Not as perfect as I expected... but not as wrong as I believed; and that’s a relief. Gosh! Relief is wonderful thing. There’s breathing space here and opportunity and hope and light and reverence and just a little mischief. That’s unexpected...and delightful. 

I wanted a coffee crisp the other day and I just walked out of the house and got one. I wanted a plate of asparagus the next and I walked out of the house and got that too. It wasn’t hard to find at all. And that’s what I feel is happening best for me. Walking out the door and finding what I need not too far from where I’ve been standing all along. That’s a funny thing because I thought knowing who I was and being who I am would mean the stars would need to fall from the sky. All it needed was an attitude adjustment and lo and behold, there I was.

I guess I was always there, I just wasn’t recognizing me for who I am.

And that’s what I do now, I appreciate myself. I go about my day and I don’t worry about anyone else’s business. I let them be. Be who they are on their own terms and when our paths intersect, that’s pretty darn fun.

So how about it? You do you and I’ll do me and do you know what I think that makes? One big happy family.

It’s contagious you know, being who you are. Loving everyone without a sense of jeopardy. It’s just…simple. And that brightens my day like nobody else’s business can. 

There’s a sweetness that moving into the light instead of into the darkness every day holds, and it’s this; the world is a little brighter and that’s a good thing. I trust myself wholeheartedly; when I’m firm, when I’m lighthearted, when I’m playful and when I’m feeling off... I trust that too, there’s a reason that isn’t obvious to me yet but it’s coming to surface.

And my tool kit though dainty and small enough to fit into my back pocket, really lacks a lunch (hahahaha geez autocorrect!!! "Packs a punch!")

I guess that's enough to know for today.

... cheers then...xx

love, Me

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