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Cast off your Doubts, leave them by the Roadside

Updated: May 14

Being in Courtship with Your Higher Self and True Nature

Cast off your doubts and simply leave them by the roadside of your life, they are not required companionship or bedfellows on this road. They are the way of lost dreams and uncertainty. When you are in courtship with your high self and true nature you are in the realm of certainty and divine resonance, coupled with a few delightful things we like to call ‘quirks of nature’ that you never even knew about you.

Like for instance, did you know that every time you pause for thought you are calling into you, your deep awareness of congruence and self. When you stop what you are doing to look at something from another angle, this is you inviting your true self, your true nature to the table.

You can be in congruence with your true self, your true nature every second of the day if you only choose to be in alignment with your compassion, your trust and your wise being known only as, you. You are this aspect of self. This aspect of being. This aspect of rhythmic nature. And so, for some this seems obvious and for some this seems like a lackadaisical misunderstanding of true nature’s wit and wisdom.

True nature is in abundant supply, it’s there every time you need to know something and didn’t know where that idea just popped into your mind. It’s what you think about when you are standing at the doorway of your life deciding if it is an altar or a ruin. You can’t live a life of joy and ease without bringing your true self to the table each and every day. You can’t. It’s simply not possible. So why even bother with going in the other direction? Why spend any time at all in a life that feels like you are in a courtship with ruination when you have the deep desire to live a life of joy and ease? It’s simply because you don’t know how to use the terminology that I am talking about.

And for one final second, for one moment, as you continue to wait for the butterfly to alight on your shoulder, simply imagine your higher self there looking with you, wondering, ‘What the heck are you waiting for? I’m standing right here beside you, every damn day and moment of your life; I am here. I am here. I am here.’

And there’s nothing you can do but simply open the door and let me into your life like I am the best friend you have always dreamed of. I’m here with you by nature. I’m here with you by feel. I’m here with you by congruence. And, I am here with you by choice. All you have to do is stop looking over your shoulder waiting for me to arrive, and you will suddenly and surely know that I have been here all along. There has never been a moment in your life when I have not been with you. There has never been a moment when I didn’t care that what you were living through or experiencing as hardship or disappointment in your life, that I haven’t taken the brunt of that emotional experience and worn it on the chin for you. I’ve got your back and I am never leaving you.

This and this alone is the chorus of the true self’s nature; ‘I love you. I love you. I love you. You are my best friend, and I am here. You are my best friend, and I will never leave you hanging in doubt.’

Anytime you know doubt, you have turned your mind away from me and I can’t be heard cheering you on from the sidelines, but I’m there as sure as your grandma’s turkey soup recipe is boiling on the stove the night after your big feast of turkey dinner. It’s not that it isn’t a natural occurrence; it’s that you don’t think I can be there through the average and mundane daily experiences of your life. I’ve got this too. I like to spend a little time whipping up a new creation in the kitchen or going for a walk in a new direction that I haven’t had the pleasure of knowing through my viewing eyes experience.

But mostly, I travel through the corridors of your HeartMind lost and alone wondering, ‘Why am I always being locked out when I have the only vantage point that can see what’s beyond the corner in the road?’ I can see what’s coming your way in life and I know this; it’s beautiful, but you keep veering off in the direction of your Mind instead of stepping forward in the direction of your Heart.

That’s the only direction the heart moves, forward in certainty. Forward in resolve. Forward in compassion. And, forward in kindness. It’s not for the faint of heart to go travelling down these corridors of your mind without a map and some solid guidance. That’s why the SolePath system of understanding has been designed, to help you get in tune with your true nature. To help you come full circle into your own personal understanding about self, true nature and even what some would call your God force within. And, for the time being, that’s a term I’m going to use a little recklessly simply because it gets bandied about like it’s an old school snake-charm and not the loving choice to be in wisdom that it is.

The wisdom within is your high choice, the one that moves you forward. The one that keeps you going. The one that wakes you at night and calls you to rise early in your day instead of sleeping through the sunrise of your life. It’s calling you and it’s waiting for you to open the door like you are looking for an old friend that has passed you by looking for the number on your doorway.

I’ve got your number, it’s written on my heart and late at night while you are sleeping, I whisper songs of inspiration in your ear. I wake the night forest with my smile, and I watch for all the signs on the horizon of all the joyful experiences that are just craning their neck to get at you from the other side of your worries and doubts. Don’t let them slide on by, swoop them in in a damn big bear hug and never let them go. They are the reason for your journey, stop looking at them in worry and simply say, ‘Let’s try this a different way. Let’s come to the table and see what is being served instead of demanding the same old leftovers that’ve been cooking on the back burner of your mind for all this time’.

There are tasty morsels and delights at every turn, why not sample a few random choices today and see what turns up at your doorway. You never know what is waiting for you if you keep letting life slip you by.

You are you know; you’re living every day like it doesn’t matter and nothing matters more than how you feel. How you feel is your ‘jackpot’ wisdom. Better get going with dialing that in.

Dial it in. Come on. It’s time. Let’s do this! Let’s go. Let’s go. Let’s go!

There are times when you may feel like I’m bantering you about in these little heart-to-hearts we have, just know it’s because that’s the way I know and understand that minds work. And that’s what we are doing, working with the infrastructure of your mind in a new and insightful capacity to come into your own congruence with high wisdom, high knowing, high understanding. High… You.

You can speak, or  You can hear, or  You can delight, or  You can cheer.

These are all powerful choices. Start using them in your day-to-day and watch the world change around you, right before your very eyes.

All right…get on with it.

And don’t forget to tell them that I said so.

For all to flare. For all to care. For all to share.


Janice is an educator and specialist in the Tao. Training opportunities exist in this field and Janice is a forerunner of thought and purpose as it relates to the human body, mind and experience.


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