• Dr Janice Brown

A puppy nipping at the heels

When negative has become a puppy nipping at the heels. Be forgiving. Be Loving. Be Gentle.

This is the way with a puppy, they only want to be loved, to have your attention. You must train the puppy to behave, the puppy is your responsibility. Your responsibility to mold into the positive aspects of itself.

Negatives don’t become positives. Negatives are not given control. Negatives are loved, then forgiven, then gone. You cannot give them your attention or then like the puppy they will keep nipping at the heels—eventually you will become frustrated by the annoyance, instead of seeing the innocent need. And what should be love and forgiveness turns to anger, scolding or worse. Damage is done.

The nipping becomes worse and intolerance of the behavior begins.

There must be love, forgiveness, gentleness and compassion with the self. It is unreasonable to expect a puppy will grow and thrive under the focus of hostile emotion.

A puppy, like the self, grows under gentle loving kindness coupled with firm compassionate guidance, clear expectations and love. Always love.

Love is the dominant force of Being.

There are many forces but love is king. The king rules the country, rules the land, is the model of greatness to the kingdom. Love rules the kingdom. The kingdom is your Heart. You must put your Heart into the world encompassed with love. love is the true protector of the Heart. Your own self-love protects the Heart with love. Love is not understood by most. Love is the work of the world. Love is the change. Love is the need of the universe.

Love is in you to give, to grow, it is there so let it flow.

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