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A Loving Person

Updated: May 14

Connection to Spirit

Every person is connected to spirit, most don’t understand this, some don’t admit it, and some don’t know. You can never underestimate the power of spirit’s connection in your life, it is everywhere, always watching always helping, guiding and protecting where it is required.

Spirit can’t intervene in a person’s life without the person’s direct request, but spirit can help in many other ways. Many more ways than you can imagine. Spirit is in the light that turns red or green when it helps align you with your best possible outcome on your journey and life’s path. Spirit is in the kind word of a stranger, the sweet smile of a child, the wise words of an elder. Spirit can even be in the quiet thought in your head, when you are contemplating tough choices and need to make important decisions. Spirit can be a quiet whisper or a loud roar depending on the situation. Whatever message spirit is trying to get through to you, it has many resources to do so.

You can always feel when spirit is trying to connect to you when you feel delight.

Spirit’s primary goal is to experience joy through you. This is a most wondrous experience for spirit. It seems so many people are set upon being caught in the negative outcomes that exist in their lives. If only they could see one simple joy in the moment, the negatives would surely begin to recede into the background.

The simple joys are messengers of more. More joy. More delight. More love. More fun. More energy. More life. More. More. More.

The simple joys are the reason for a life, but they are the thing that most people shove to the side. An annoyance. A disturbance, a distraction. What good could possibly come from seeing the world through the eyes of a child? That child is fully connected through spirit. That child is teaching you. That child is the wise one. That child knows how important every single delightful thing is. That child honours everything with a smile, a touch, a giggle, a shout. That child knows and remembers more in that moment than you can hope to learn or discover in years of focused discontent.

Whatever you think you know, think again. The acquired knowledge you have accumulated in this lifetime is simply a sorting pile of information. Left for you to sort through in so many bright and various ways. The wisdom you have within is a constant, ever-flowing wellspring of insight, pure inspiration and concrete knowing.

Concrete knowing is a term that expresses the solid basis of the information that is expressed through inner knowing. There is no disputing this type of knowledge when it comes through, you can find no reason to argue against it. It is intelligence in its purest form. The inner knowing exists within all humans, people find delightful and creative ways of expressing their inner knowingness and the world delights in these expressions. Music, song, painting, books, playful interactions with others, inventions, intuitions, expressions of love. All are forms of concrete knowledge. All are forms of inner expression manifesting in a physical world.

Communion with the Divine

Knowledge coming out and manifesting into form is one of the most remarkable experiences to witness in this lifetime. Think about the source of a song, it's not always angst and loneliness, it’s connection to the heart your own or another's. How divine an expression can you imagine? Whatever it is that speaks to your heart is a divine expression of love for you.

You can never go wrong by listening to a divine expression of love.

That moment when you know with certainty that you can not, NOT do something. This is the divine speaking through you. It doesn’t matter what the topic is, when you can no longer avoid the burning desire in your heart you are having a moment of communion with the divine. You commune with the divine on a daily basis and have no recognition or knowing that this is so. You breathe, imagine, love, consider. Consider the power of love in every single moment of doing something, just one thing truly from the heart. You can choose to do all things from the heart.

A Loving Person

Choosing to do all things from the heart is a choice for love-in-action. Love-in-action is expressing the divine aspect of yourself in all that you do for the benefit of your own personal experience, as well as, the experience of all others. This doesn’t mean you have to be a sticky, swoony, nonsensical person; it means you are choosing to put love into all the choices and actions that you take.

  • A loving person is not always glowing with oozy praise, a loving person can speak frankly and directly with the intention of being truthful and honest.

  • A loving person doesn’t let others injure them with words or actions.

  • A loving person has discernment and conviction of the heart.

  • A loving person doesn’t turn a blind eye.

  • A loving person looks directly with care and concern.

  • A loving person doesn’t bend over backwards to undertake the demands of another.

  • A loving person honours themselves and helps where they can and says no when necessary.

  • A loving person loves themselves first and all others benefit from this wellspring of self-love.

  • A loving person is a model of love for the world. A loving person is always within you waiting to be expressed into form in this physical world.

  • A loving person is what you were born to be.

Make no mistake a loving person is what you already are.

You can’t imagine the delight spirit has at expressing itself through the love-in-action of a loving person.

This is the moment spirit has waited for you to discover. This is the moment of the truth of you. You are loving. You are divine. You are expressing yourself at all times.

You see now the choice becomes yours. You are the one who chooses what you express, what you impress, what you create in this world. You then are the choice point for the creation of love-in-action. These are the small decisions you make daily that impact the world you create and interact through. Choose to be kind. Choose to be loving. Choose to be compassionate. Choose to be in your integrity. Choose to be expansive. Choose to be allowing. Choose to be a voice of calm when there is distress. Choose to breathe when you are ready to lash out. Choose to find the choice when you are reacting. Choose to see that everything you do is a choice, then you will understand how you can begin to change the expression of the world you are experiencing around you.

Choose to see you can make high choices. Choose to listen to the quiet voices.

With love and light,

~ Janice


Expansion and collapse is the avenue with which we express our Light and our Beingness. These understandings of the HeartMind walk you through the metaphysical underpinnings of emotion, feeling and the context of life experience as you are on the journey of the evolution of your soul. Janice is a SolePath Master Mentor and facilitator of learning through the translation of metaphysical concepts.

She speaks about the mechanisms of action that relate to the understandings of mind, body and spirit through the wisdom of feeling. She is the Dean at the Academy of Inner Wisdom.


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