• Dr Janice Brown

A Flutter in my Heart

Spring is in the air, I am listening to birds singing and I can feel a little flutter in my heart that has sat quite silent for the last while.

When we are transforming our lives we often take a recess from the regular activities of the day. This has been both a recess and a tremendous growth period for me and I have taken a little respite from my Heart Spark Moment activities to nurture my own needs and family.

As the days are stretching out into summer sun, I again feel the tug at my heart to share this concept and awaken a new feeling in those who wish to discover the beauty and the wonder of living a love-in-action lifestyle.

This is the time to assess your lifestyle and decide if there is more you can do to nurture your own inner longings, your desires and your callings. If these are the whispers that speak to you, I am sure you will enjoy wandering through this journey with me.

I just post, “Little bits of Love and Life” there are so many things that occur to me as I wander through my days and sharing these insights brings me great joy. So thanks for enjoying some time with me, embracing a conscious decision to live life with a little more love and joy, welcoming ease and grace into our lives.

On purpose and in grace.


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