Heart Spark Moments

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You are worthy of your time.

You are worthy of your love.

You are worthy of your joy.

You are worthy of your light.

You are worthy of your evolution.

You are worthy.

You are You.


that is all you will ever need to be.

Hello! I'm Janice.

As a doctor of Acupuncture and practitioner of Chinese Medicine, one of the great interests and joys of my study has been this powerful relationship of the HeartMind, also known as the Shen.


In Chinese Medicine, the Heart is considered the house of Spirit, the house of the mind. In western society, we tend to segregate these aspects of self and being. In truth, they are continuously aligned.

There are centuries worth of information on this aspect from the classical Chinese Medicine and Traditional Chinese Medicine HeartMind Perspectives, I’m not here to explain what has been written in the past. This blog and its insights are about how the HeartMind is part of our everyday, modern life.


I’m a bit of an introvert, I open up quietly with those I am close to. So, my life has taken an unexpected turn towards sharing insights and stories about the importance of the dignity and the love that all people deserve. About our connection to our true selves and living life from our high worth.

The intention of a Heart Spark Moment is to lift others and to deepen the understanding of self. I know our thoughts and actions, big or small when well-intended and heartfelt have a positive effect on us as individuals and those around us.

Heart Spark Moment is very much a calling for me; my Soul Food (as my dear friend Tanya would describe it). I may be the one sharing these insights but know that your true self loves you, cares for you and communes with you this way.  Heart Spark Moments are part of us all.

There is a need to explore the deepest parts of ourselves in a tender and loving way, without the judgement of the critical mind, without the expectation of the world, without the boundaries we have internalized.

The truth of who you are is the most important thing you will ever come to realize. It is a journey of worth and redemption, joy and sorrow, catastrophic alterations and minute fine-tunings.

Once you begin on this journey it unfolds before you, like watching a map be revealed before your very eyes. You can start. Stop. Start all over again. It’s your life. Your agenda. Your choices.

The work is you, knowing yourself.

These blog posts are what they are; insights into my experiences of the moment that are common to all people. Loving perspectives on the daily experiences of everyday living.

Heart Spark Moment has gone through a tremendous evolution of what it means to me. In the early days, I saw things as inspired random acts of kindness; an outward expression of love and compassion towards others.


As I have grown and evolved, so has Heart Spark Moment into an expression of love and compassion towards the self. An inward journey of loving-kindness that innately expresses itself outwards.

Anything IS possible in a moment.

Dr Janice Brown Wellness Visionary DTCM

Dr Janice Brown
D.Ac. | R.Ac.  | Dip. TCM SolePath Certified Mentor | Rev.

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